Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not out of the woods yet

I thought Matthew was doing much better this morning...he seemed more playful and his fever was down. But now the diarrhea and vomiting are back...completely uninvited, I must say...and there are no holds barred! Poor little dude. He got mad after throwing up in his bed and tried to hit his puke, which would have been funny if not so pitiful! But let me tell you, those M&Ms are dwindling fast!

Here are some photos from this morning. Some of you have asked for tips I am learning. As you can see from the pics below, I am not using flash...because when I do I get that washed out, flashy look. The downside is the photos are darker, obviously, and more blurry since M has more time to move before the shot is snapped. From what I understand, there are some cameras with adjustable levels of flash intensity, as well as some with moveable flashes so that you can diffuse the flash by bouncing it off a wall or ceiling. Basically if you have a point & shoot with a built in flash, your best bet is to step back from your subject a bit...which means more cropping if you were wanting a close-up. Obviously you could use zoom, but if yours is digital zoom, as opposed to optical, the quality will be compromised due to the process. I tried using the forced flash and then covering the flash with my finger while I snapped the shot. The result was a darker photo, yet not the same as with no was more yellow-tinted...but it does appear that the subject isn't as blurry as with no flash at all. When I have time to look at the photos on the computer, I'll double check to see if this is true.


Yvonne Crawford said...

Sounds like he and Callum have a lot in common. Callum would be fine for 3 days and then vomit again. :( Hopefully that will be it!

Rebecca said...

Oh Tish. I am sorry. I laughed when I read about Matthew throwing up in his bed (couldn't help it). I think it's hilarious that he got mad at his puke. And I SO know how tiring it can be to robotically strip the sheets down again and to have piles of puke-covered laundry to wash. Matthew, LONG DISTANCE SQUEEZES from Auntie Rebecca & crew!!!!! Get well soon, little man!!!

Love, R

P.S. The M&M's are almost gone? Good... I was about to ask, "Who are you and what have you done with Tish???" But I see you're back. :)

Dianne said...

Poor little guy. I feel so sorry for him.

I love the pictures of his feet. I love little feet.

Just Us said...

Oh my Tish..Yu-Lin constantly has a cold since entering day care and is constantly throwing up after he swallows his phelghm. No fun. Poor Mathew! Kristie