Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mall Rats

Matthew and I hung out at the mall today...driving cars, playing in the kids' area, and sippin' on smoothies. I do think he had a good time even though there isn't a hint of a smile in any of the photos. I believe he was just zoned out from only taking a 20 minute morning nap.

Not sure what he is mad at this dog about, but this photo is in sketch mode:
Another sketch photo:

Yes, I know he is wearing brown socks with blue shoes...and I let him go out in public anyway!
His little lips kill me in this photo:


Ann said...

I just love love love all these pictures. He's so cute!!

Rebecca said...

Tish!! You will never believe this... GUESS WHERE WE JUST WERE, the kids and I!! THE MALL!!!!!! (OK so we got Oreo sundae shakes and not a healthy smoothie, but still!!) :)

The photos of him sipping the smoothies are my favorites. The little lips kill me too.

Oh, and you will die when you hear this. Brown socks & blue crocs?? How about WHITE socks, NO shoes, then Mommy letting him run around in his socks so they could turn into GREY DIRTY socks. No shoes to cover up the evidence, either. Guess why we were at the mall. To buy Grant some shoes!! He is in a size SEVEN!! SEVEN!!!!!!! The last time I bought shoes they were a FOUR!

Anyways he is good to go now, but it was a little embarrassing carting him around with dirty socks all evening!!!!

Love & hugs

PS I hope he went to bed early for you!!!!!!!!

Yvonne Crawford said...

tiny little lips, so cute!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Is Matthew sucking from the straw? How did you teach him that? Reed refuses to do it!

Jenna said...

I love the lips in the picture too! Reminds me of a certain Veggie Tales Silly Song.......

And, he's stylin' in his Crocs- brown socks and all! :)

taiwanbaby said...

i seriously want to smooch on him!!!! brown socks and blue shoes are cool. at least you didn't dress him in shorts, brown knee socks and black dress shoes. than i'd have to come down and give you a talking to.

Just Us said...

Wow...what a cool looking mall you got there with awesome kid stuff...too bad we don't have that here..booo : ) Great lips that Matthew got on him! Kristie