Saturday, April 26, 2008

DATE NIGHT...yeow!

Scott & I went on a date Friday night. Fortunately M went down for a little nap late in the day which meant time for shaving legs, curling hair, and slapping on some chapstick! It was Taco Bell drive-thru and then on to an old theatre in the university area for a concert. Two local bands opened up, Asper Kourt and The Real Matt Jones, and the headliner was The Robbie Seay Band.

One of the reasons we love Robbie Seay is his gravelly voice..which sounds like he was weaned straight from the pacifier to a pack of Marlboros...and it was like gravel X 10 in real life!!!

Another reason we love them...these guys are golden. Here is a quote off the insert from their newest cd: There is great need in every corner of this globe and injustice taking place everyday. Can we respond together? I know that as we give ourselves away to those in need, the gospel story of hope will come alive.

Check out the ways you can join this band in responding to need at Give Yourself Away.

Some lyrics from their song Better Days:
Green grass, and I'm laying in the sunlight of you,
And the wind is moving through the trees ushering you,
And the better days you bring, the better places found,
Feasting at your table I am overwhelmed,
I lift my glass and drink to love that never gave up,
Clouds pass fading into memories gone,
And all I have to show for life is life and love and peace.
What else could there be?


Lynn said...

Date night, what is that??

Lynn said...

Time to waste a little more precious blog real estate girlfriend!

Your tagged!!

Rebecca said...

Woooo!!! Sounds like so much fun, Tish!!! And you even had time to shave your legs!!!!! :)

I will have to check out that band. I've never heard of them, but they sound cool. I like the lyrics to that song.

Glad you guys had fun and were able to go. I hope the babysitter wasn't changing any leaky diapers while you were gone. :)


Rebecca said...

P.S. Lynn is just mad because she's gotten tagged like 15 times the past 2 days. Haha.

Lynn said...

Very funny Rebecca! LOL