Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two naps forward, Three naps back

Happy to have a fruit smoothie...and then giving me the evil eye for saying "Mama's turn!":
We were fortunate to receive a photo of Matthew's birthmom, who I call "Little Mama." She wears glasses that look similar to these, so when we put them on him I think he looks just like Little Mama:

Too cool:
Sleep. UGH. Matthew was doing wonderfully on his 3 nap schedule. He would fall asleep almost immediately upon getting in his bed, sleep about an hour, and wake up happy. During this time he was also sleeping restfully during the night. Then one day, he didn't fall asleep for his 3rd nap. The next day...same thing...and so on. They say that "sleep begets sleep" and every since he has been missing his 3rd nap, his night sleep has been very restless. VERY restless. I have left the 3rd nap in the schedule because, since he gets so little good sleep at night, he NEEDS his 1st early morning nap. Because of that early morning nap, his 2nd nap, which is also NEEDED, comes too early in the day for him to make it until a 7:00/7:30 bedtime. (That was the problem with our prior 2 nap schedule...he was still restless at night and needing an early nap, so his bedtime ended up being like 6:15...way too early!). So, once again, we've got a sleepless boy. I've said before it seems cyclical...that he will have horrible sleep until he is so worn out that he has a week or so of great sleep...then, once caught up, he goes back to horrible sleep. We are all now insomniacs in our house.

ATOPIC DERMATITIS - This topic has come up on the feed quite a lot lately, so I wanted to post an update. We still use the humidifier in Matthew's room all night and during naps. We also still use Aquaphor on his skin. Not every day, I admit, but it is messy and greasy...and hard to put on a busy baby. I've noticed the worst place seems to be in the crook of his arms...the inside of his elbows. But putting the Aquaphor there underneath a long sleeve shirt seemed to aggravate the skin. So I am now having Matthew sleep in short sleeve shirts, and the skin looks much better.


Andrea said...

Tish! Mary Elizabeth has the same thing. Organic cold pressed Coconut Oil. Whole Foods Store carries it. Get the glass jar.
Keep in a cool place. I keep mine in the fridge in the summer.
I grease her up like a Luau Piggy!
She loves it. When her arms itch, she will go and get it and tell me,"Creamy Creamy!"
Works like a charm.
She also get hers on the back of her knees. It will be better in the summer. The sunshine helps a lot


Yvonne Crawford said...

He's just so cute! Sleeping has to be one of the hardest things about being a mother - when to drop a nap and how long and sleeping through the night etc. all a mystery...

BTW, I emailed you, but it bounced back. Just said that I hope you enjoy them and let me know when you want more, I only have 8 more. I'm curious to see if you like them.

Rebecca said...

Oh, he does NOT look happy about sharing that smoothie!!! LOL!!

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

I love that evil eye! Matthew still looks adorable while giving it.

Hope the sleep gets better. I've been trying to get a consistent afternoon nap for Nolan, but have had little success. He definitely sleeps better at night when he has one though, just like Matthew. Well, at least another week is beginning, so this should be a good sleep one, right?

Just Us said...

Sorry, I'm no help in the nap department. Yu-Lin hates taking a nap unless he is at daycare. For some reason he naps there, but for the life of me, he fights naps with me and then only takes two 20 min. naps..that bugger. Kristie