Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

When I was little there was a TV movie called "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." It starred John Travolta as the boy (I think), and for some strange reason I wanted to watch it every year when it aired. My guess is that it was not the award winning acting. I thought of that movie today when I was thinking about how self-focused I have been lately. Sometimes we--well, perhaps I should just say "I"--let the small things in my small world become so big (in my mind) that it's like I am in a bubble without real contact with the rest of the world. My prayers suddenly become all about me, my conversations become all about me, my thoughts become all about me. It usually takes a God-prod to burst that bubble and get my focus where it needs to be.

There needs to be a National "Get-Over-Yourself Week" where we celebrate others and aren't allowed to speak about ourselves. As I think about people I know, the following words come to mind: recently widowed, cancer, depression, child in the hospital, double lung transplant, miscarriage, hep C...and so on. My "trials" pale in comparison...truly unworthy of mention. How much time and energy do I waste on myself that could be spent in praying for and encouraging others?

I'm not sure why I posted this other than in hopes that it might burst someone else's bubble of self-centeredness, too.


Rebecca said...

I think we like to be in our bubble because it doesn't hurt as much. Anytime we open ourselves up to feel another's pain, well, we feel pain! It's like the proverb, "With much knowledge comes much grief." I agree with you. Sometimes I lose perspective and feel like my problems are so big. When in reality they are just a drop in the bucket, and so many others are going through REAL suffering. My neighbor (who goes to my church) has ALS (Lou Gehrig's) and her son is only 11. It sure makes my issues seem like nothing!

Thanks for posting this - a great reminder to stay outwardly focused AND thankful for what we have!!


Yvonne Crawford said...

Wow, that is just the greatest post ever, I wish I read it the other day when I was throwing the biggest pity party ever. I'm a bit better now. :) I am going to do what you suggested next week. I will not think of myself and 'my poor me saga'...and everytime I think of myself, I'll just remember one of my friends who needs a prayer and say one for them. :) I'm so blessed and I need to remember it more often.

I think Rebecca's first sentence really explains a lot.

Anyways, thanks so much for your post. I so needed it!