Monday, March 17, 2008

Rough Start

This is how our poor little guy looked when I got him out of bed this morning. Crusty face and bumpy skin. It's funny that I just posted about his atopic dermatitis being better only to have his skin covered with bumps this morning. Even the inside of his elbows look completely worse than they did last night. The bumps only cover his torso and arms where his cotton short sleeve shirt was...and his shirt was in the same laundry load as his I have no idea what triggered this breakout.


Lisa S said...

My friends son gets something like your son has she uses only seventh generation ... and an organic baby shampoo as well....just a thought...I get psoriasis on my elbows and hands and soap does aggrevate it

Tara said...

I'm sorry he ended up with hives, but this did give the audience an opportunity to see how tall and lean he has gotten. A far cry from the chubby baby he was a short time ago! He is beautiful. What a blessing you got a photo of little mama.

Sherry said...

Poor, poor little man. I only use that Seventh Generation stuff that Lisa S say's. If I used Dreft then Kobi's skin gets "hivey" in a matter of minutes. Your not using dryer sheets right?

Poor, poor baby:(

Just Us said...

I feel so bad for Matthew...I hope it doesn't bother him too much...good luck finding a solution for him...Kristie