Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Highlights of the Day

Daddy dressing Matthew. Can you see from the photo that BOTH shirt and pants are on backwards?

Matthew's diaper wedgie! Too funny...sorry, no photo!

Matthew eating out of the garbage can...because he obviously didn't get enough at dinner. He was washing off his chair with a wipe and went to throw it in the garbage. I turned my back to run water in the sink and looked around to see him munching away.

I know I have said this before, but Matthew is such a great helper. On his own, he decided to start handing me dishes out of the dishwasher to put away. When picking up his toys, he knows if a certain toy doesn't belong with others...like in a specific bag. He loves to help water the plants and put clothes from the dryer in the basket. Usually when we come home from the grocery store, he will get items out of the bag and hand them to me to put away. Today, however, after grabbing the first box out of the bag, he indicated that he wanted me to pick him up. I did and saw that he wanted to be the one to put the box away in the pantry. So we put away all the groceries with him helping like that. Hope this lasts!
Great story by Andrea on her blog.


Yvonne Crawford said...

What a good little helper!! Keep it up. and way to go dad on dressing him!! Tee hee!

Sherry said...

Kriss Cross wanna make you jump, jump. LOL! LOL! (Ok now you are thinking I'm totally nuts) Daddy must have been having visions of the early 90's when he dressed Matthew today. Hahaha! Too Cute!

Andrea said...

LOVING the picture!
Nothing tickles my kids more than to show me that dad has put something on backwards. I think he does it on purpose!:) He loves to watch them run and tattle on him.

Wait until he decides that clothes are WAY too much trouble...Babies run around "nakey" here A LOT! :)

stefanie said...

he's probably the smartest child alive :)

even if i am a little bias. all aunts should be.

i go back to work tomorrow. boo. should've been visiting you. love!

Just Us said...

That was too funny how Daddy dressed Matthew today!!! I was cracking up. So awesome that Matthew is such a great helper. I hope Yu-Lin is too, but by the looks of it, he much rather be hurricane Yu-Lin than helper Yu-Lin. Kristie

Rebecca said...

Welcome to the world of little boys who like to eat out of garbage cans!!!

I now have to tie the drawstring at the top EVERY TIME I throw something away... just so he can't dig in there. The last straw was when I found him one day gnawing on a corncob from the night before. Shudder.

Wow, Matthew is such a little stud - he even helps take clothes out of the dryer??? Maybe we SHOULD move out there and have Matthew give Grant some lessons!! (And maybe my girls too, come to think of it!!!!!!)

Hugs, Rebecca

Ann said...

The picture of him eating out of the garbage....oh my I don't know why but this just cracks me up.