Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Tears (and some playground photos)

Photos from last week's trip to the playground:

Matthew's Aunt Kit bravely volunteered to watch Matthew while I attended a funeral today. I had all kinds of "no-cry tactics" available for her to use (read: snacks, snacks, snacks), but it turned out she didn't need any! Matthew didn't cry the entire time I was gone. HOORAY! And he barely noticed when I got home! BOO! Seriously though, Kit is an extra special person with a soft voice and gentle demeanor and, when she babysits, the child is the center of attention at all times. I know Matthew was ecstatic to have someone play with him non-stop. Can't ask for a better babysitter! Thanks Kit!!!


Andrea said...

Hold on to that sitter, girl! She sounds like a good one. We had one that would show up with a tapestry bag..Just like Mary Poppins! My kids would just scream when she would walk in! We were like, "Hey remember us!" But we never worried when we left them with her. That is a blessing!
Love the pics. Little Cutie-Patootie!


Rebecca said...

Hooray for Matthew!!!

Contrast that with Grant, who while at the babysitter's this evening stood by the door and cried, "Mama" the entire 2 hours.


Rebecca said...

Are you still a feed-watching addict??? :)

Rebecca said...

Did you just see this weird town in Indiana pop up???

WHERE are these weirdos coming from???????

Yvonne Crawford said...

I love that first one.

Just Us said...

Great sitter..lucky to have her. Man, that playground is awesome. We don't have anything at all like that here..booo. Have Matthew climb a few for Yu-Lin!! Kristie