Friday, March 28, 2008

Girl Time

Second post for the day! Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with friends for some girl time. Different backgrounds. Different stages in life. But we all speak "girl talk." These women are intelligent, entreprenuerial, quirky and inspiration to me! Lots of chatting. Lots of laughter. Lots of fun!


Rebecca said...

YAY for girl's night out!!

And aren't you a cute bunch...!!

Did you soak up any extra entrepreneurial wisdom that you could share with me?? :) (I think you have the quirky/witty/intelligent thing down already!!) :)

Is that a little mixed drink concoction you've got there? ;) I need one of those today. 2 more of my kids down with the flu. Not kidding you. I got all of 4 hours of sleep... Grant threw up 3 times, once in his bed and twice in mine. I'm washing sheets & mattress pads today, drinking coffee to stay awake, and thinking of splashing some Kahlua in there. :)

Tish said...

POOR GRANT! POOR YOU! Nope, it was water...on the rocks! I am on meds right now for my cold.

Andrea said...

In The South , we call these "Pink Panty Parties"!

Hooray for the P.P.P.!

Looks like fun.


Stefanie said...

FUN!! I love girls night out... it always refreshes and energizes me to get out and NOT talk about teething and poopy diapers for a night :)
Your hair is gorgeous, Tish! Is it naturally wavy?

Lynn said...

Oh do I need some girl friends and a girl's night out! We just moved to PA and I haven't met any friends yet.

Hi, I'm Lynn btw, nice to meet you! I enjoy reading your blog and your son is precious!