Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's photos

Figuring out how much allowance I owe him:
Excited to find out that it is BIG $:
Studying the key to the mailbox:
Explaining how to open the mailbox door:
Trying to put his hat back on so he can look like Daddy:
NOTE: The shirt Matthew is wearing is a size 2T, and it fits him perfectly! Even though he just turned 1, he needs that big of a size in order for the arms to be long enough. His 12 month pants are getting too short, but the 18 month ones are too big in the waist. Tall, skinny boy!!!


jen said...

Too cute! Andy wears all 18 month pants - they fit at the waist but are too long! He's still short and round. It's amazing they are growing so fast!


Yvonne Crawford said...

what a cutie!!! Callum was the same way pants were short, but waist was too big...still is that way, now that I think of it.

He's so photogenic!

Rebecca said...

Oh those pictures are ADORABLE!! I just can't stand the cuteness!!!! :)

Grant just moved up to a size 2T too!!!! He wears 24M pants and 2T
shirts! It's crazy!!!

Hugs to you!! So glad to have you back. :)

Just Us said...

Love the pictures..especially him calculating his allowance : ). Yu-Lin is the same...all his pants are too big at the waist that I have to fold them up to fit him and the size that fits his waist is too short in length. Kristie

Sherry said...

He's just like Kobi in the size department! 2T's since under a year old but now finally moving into those 24m pants. Poor legs just aren't long. LOL! I just can't wait to see how big Matthew gets. You watch... our boys will get to the age of 5 & just stop growing. LOL!