Friday, March 28, 2008


I don't like to read books or watch movies that have have anything to do with reality. No reality shows. No based-on-a-true-story movies. No books that have even a slight chance of being about someone in real life. Reason? I get too attached to the characters. Way.Too.Attached. I think about the characters way after the book or movie is over. I wonder how they are doing. What they are doing. I end up wanting them to be my neighbors, my family members, my friends.

I thought I was safe with blogs. Wrong. I recently stumbled across the blog of Jasmine Star. I already knew that her family was special after hearing her father speak at my church from time to time and exchanging emails with her sister through my former position working for our church.

Jasmine is a wedding photographer , and I was immediately in awe of her work. But as I began reading her archived posts and learning about her path to becoming a photographer, I was even more intrigued. Hooked, Hooked, Hooked! She is a great writer...clever and witty...and not above posting "bloopers" documenting her own mistakes, fears, and humbling experiences. And even more amazing than her photography is the story woven through her blog entries of God's hand clearly opening doors for her in this field... His affirmation and assurance of this path for her even when she herself was in doubt. I encourage you to check out her work...and her story. Jasmine and her husband seem fun, genuine, and endearing. But, read with're gonna end up wanting them to be your neighbors, your family members, your friends.


Andrea said...

FUN! I would be happy just to look like her.:)


Jasmine said...

You are too sweet! Your post made me smile from ear to ear! :)

jen said...

Tish, oh I am so glad to hear I'm not the only insane one who thinks like that. I still miss some of my "friends" from my old favorite shows that have long been cancelled! =)

Rebecca said...

I love her work!! She is amazing!!! I will have to go check out the archives. :)