Saturday, March 22, 2008

Late night ramblings

Sometimes I crack myself up. Most recently it was at 11:58p tonight as I crawled into bed. The room was dark except for the little booklight that Scott had left on for me. As I reached to turn it off, I put my thumb over the light, pointed it toward the wall, and in a feeble attempt at morse code started moving my thumb on and off while saying "S...O...S...Save...Our...Sleep!" Scott croaked out some reply like "I'm cracking up." The fun got even better as we started a chorus of coughing spells and, with the monitor on, Matthew was able to join in. It was like we were coughing in rounds. Then mine took a turn for the worse, and I was banished to the guest room. That's why I'm here. At the computer. It's like a siren song luring me into the craggy boulders of blogging.

OK...another topic. I want to know if I am the only woman who does this or if all my girly shopping genes were dropped on someone else. Every new season I walk through the mall/store, look at the new fashions and proclaim, "This season I'm going to buy a new _____ (coat, pair of boots, bathing suit, pair of jeans)!" Then I go even further and tell myself, "And this time I'm going to spend the money and invest in a nice _____ (coat, pair of boots, bathing suit, pair of jeans)!" And yet, the season comes and goes and I don't buy the intended item. So I get excited and think that I will buy it at the end of season clearance sale! Of course! But then I go to the sale and either say, "YIKES, even at 70% off that is more than I want to spend!" OR "If I'm gonna spend money, I'd rather buy something I can wear NOW!" And then the cycle begins again.

SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. So we nixed the new anti-itch medicine with the sedative because it seemed to have the OPPOSITE effect on Matthew. Yes, now my sleepless son can go a 24 hour period with two 30 minute naps and about 7 hours of combined night sleep. Good thing he is so precious (see photo with Easter Bunny).

My BBFF Rebecca is without computer this weekend, so someone else has to volunteer to fill in for her daily commenting. Think twice before you say "I do"'s a demanding have to be willing to encourage, support, share embarrassing stories of your own, and sometimes even comment TWICE!


Ann said...

Honey I think you need to sleep....

It is funny, from my end but that SOS story, just cracks me up.

I'm with you on the shopping thing..the only time I go is when my husband forces me to once a year on my birthday, because I think they charge way too much and I can't bring myself to do it.

Just Us said...

Yep...Tish sounds like you need some sleep...yikes....7 least Yu-Lin gets in about 9 hours of sleep with his 2 twenty min. naps..but oh my.

Sorry, I'm the opposite on the shopping thing. I love to shop and more importantly to find a great bargain. Kristie

Yvonne Crawford said...

I'm the same way with shopping. I just did that same thing the other day and I know I won't buy anything. I did buy a new purse, but it was at Target, so that's not much money :)

I will take up the job of checking your blog daily, I usually do check it daily or everyother day, so it won't be much extra work. :)

I can't believe the medicine has the opposite effect on Matthew. I've heard of that happening with cold medicine and kids. That's just crazy... You poor thing, you need some sleep!

Yvonne Crawford said...

1 more thing - as your interim BBFF, it's my duty to comment twice, maybe you should just turn off the monitor for a night and get some good rest? I'm not an advocate of letting babies cry, but I think Mommies and Daddies need to sleep too.

Andrea said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one sleep deprived .:)
I keep mine in the fridge if it starts to melt. It needs to stay at about 70-73 degr.
It will feel gritty when you get some out. Rub your hands together and the pulp will dissolve.
Grease him up like a little piggy!
After bath and first thing in the a.m. You should see a difference in a day or two. Should make his skin feel alot better. Mary does not scratch as much.
Also Nordic Naturals DHA & Omega Oils chewable for children(Whole Foods carries them). Chewable Strawberry capsules. Keep in the fridge. Taste great. 4 a day. Oils for skin, DHA for brain development. Let me know if he responds.
Happy Easter.

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Oh Tish...I really hope Matthew spends the next two weeks in good sleep mode. You guys really need to get some. Is there any way someone can come and watch him for awhile while you and Scott get rest?

I'm seriously worried about you all!

Rebecca said...

Well, here I am catching up on my comments (couldn't have a post go by without me getting my two cents in, haha!!) The SOS story is funny. I can relate to the midnight blogging!!!

You are NOt the only woman who cringes at price tags... even when they are 70% off! I would rather spend the money on my kids looking fashionable. I look like I walked out of 2002, but that is ok. As long as it's not the 90's...!! :)

My thing this past winter was, I wanted this pair of Clarks boots. They were $200 and there was no way I was spending that much. So I waited until they were on clearance, but then it's almost spring and I won't get to wear them till the fall... and by then maybe I won't like them anymore!!!

Do you ever feel like you have really expensive tastes????

If Matthew does the miraculous and actually naps today... SLEEP! Let the dishes go!

Hugs, Rebecca

Hauswife said...

Oh dear, you need sleep. Benadryl has the same effect on me -- wide-eyed buzz! But, yeah, the shopping thing. I'm horrible at shopping for myself. Except for shoes. LOVE shoes!