Thursday, March 6, 2008


The whole BONK thing started when Scott would tap Matthew's head with an object and say, "BONK!" Matthew thinks it is very funny. As Mama, while I love the giggle "BONK" produces, I have reservations for the following reasons:

1. In the middle of eating Matthew will suddenly remember "BONK" (with no prompting from us) and place both of his sticky, gooey hands on his head...leaving sticky, gooey hair.

2. Now when Matthew accidentally hits his head, he will laugh and then start hitting his head over and last night with his baseball bat and today on the bedroom wall.

3. I'm nervous that one day I will have to sit Matthew down for a discussion on why we don't "BONK" babysitters, dogs, or other little kids.


Sherry said...

Im at work & don't have sound (but yet Matthew still has me smiling!) When you teach Matthew how to not "bonk" walls then you can tell Kobi why head-butting is not A-OK. LOL!

Rebecca said...

OH I LOVE THAT VIDEO!!!! That laugh is SO CUTE!!! :)

Yes, I suppose there is potential for BONK problems later on, but for now it is just cute. :) Oh, except when he's getting sticky hair. This morning Grant ate Cream of Wheat for breakfast and it went EVERYWHERE. That stuff is impossible to clean up!!!!

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Oh my, that was soooo cute! Maybe when the baby sitter or other kids complain about the BONK-ing, you can whip out this video and they'll be like, oh, ok, that's just too cute.

Just Us said...

that was too cute. Yu-Lin was playing by my feet and then he heard Matthew laughing so he instantly stood up and wanted to see. So when I place him on my lap and played it again..he had a huge smile on his face..soo oh oh..Yu-Lin may be getting some ideas. Kristie

Yvonne Crawford said...

Bonk! That is just hilarious. He's got a good sense of humor! :)

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

How cute is he?
I think with any boy "bonking" is a big part of the program. I doubt there's any avoiding it -might as well just settle in and enjoy! ;)