Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

While Matthew's sleep kept us away from our Easter Sunrise Service, we were blessed to be able to watch the service online. Its crazy how much God loves us, especially when we are so unfaithful in our love and obedience to Him. Yet His love is solid, steadfast, unchanging, dependable. He is the Lover of our souls, and my heart yearns to love Him more.

As you can see from the photos below, Matthew did not enjoy coloring Easter eggs. Oh, he thought it was very cool that I put white eggs in the bowls and pulled out colored ones...but the fact of having little plastic bowls filled with water and eggs that he couldn't touch was a sheer travesty in his mind. He rioted the entire time I set up, dyed, and dried the eggs. When I finally gave him the green light for touching, he touched each egg with his little finger and was done!

Matthew was a great Easter egg hunter. I filled the eggs with Puffs, so that was a huge motivator. His basket had a few little toys and a watering can because he loves to help water the plants! We enjoyed lunch and hangin' out with Scott's family and came home tired and happy!


Yvonne Crawford said...

HAHAHAH! That is hilarious! He was just not happy at all. I'm impressed that you dyed eggs with him. I think this is the first year I did it and Callum's almost 5. I bet next year will go much better.

Happy Easter.

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Happy Easter!
Those egg-dying photos are hilarious! I think he'll be happier once he's old enough to have a little more control! "No" is the saddest word at that age!!

Rebecca said...

That is SOOOOOOOO funny. I laughed out loud at those pictures of Matthew all crabby because he couldn't touch!! SOOO Grant lately!! He freaks out if he can't do something that his sisters are allowed to do.

Grant had to watch me dye is 1 blue egg. The girls dyed the rest. He was too tired on Sunday to get mad about it though - he had skipped his nap 2 days in a row!!! He just sat there and sucked his thumb and watched me dye his egg. LOL.

Oh, and the brown eggs are AWESOME, thank you Andrea!!! The colors are really earthy. We did some white and some brown. I'll post pics later.


Beverly said...

LOL What sweet crying pictures!!


Rebecca said...

P.S. I am impressed that you dyed eggs AND did a hunt. We got chocolate bunnies for the girls (marshmallow eggs for Grant) and did the egg dye but I did not have the energy for the whole hunt thing. Puffs were a great idea to put in the eggs!!! Did you hide them outside, or around the house?

Andrea said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, We have a Winner! Those egg-dying shots are a hoot! Kids are fun, aren't they?!

Just imagine how embarrassed he'll be when he brings home his college girlfriend, and Mom breaks out the photo albums. Funny!
How's the coconut oil working?


Hauswife said...

You are so MEAN! :P I know. I don't understand how other mamas do the Easter egg dying thing, but I don't let the babies get into it either. Mean!

Just Us said...

Those pictures of Matthew crying about the eggs we so cute. He has such great expressions. Ah, that was smart, to put puffs in them...didn't think of that. Happy Belated Easter!Kristie