Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playin' Hard


taiwanbaby said...

ALL my kids loved that annoying ball popper!!!!! I laughed ever time they leaned over at it and got popped in the head. Cormac finds lots of things that fit in there but don't come out, until mama has to dump them all out. I love looking at all your pictures and say "hey we have that" I swear we are ghost shopping together.


Andrea said...

I want to come and play with Matthew! He does everything"full speed ahead".
Gotta love a man with that kind of conviction!
So much fun!


Rebecca said...

Love that look of determination (little tongue sticking out)... he is definitely ALL BUSINESS when it comes to that toy!! LOL! That is so cute.

Great pictures! He looks so handsome with the sun on his face.

Love, Rebecca

Just Us said...

Yu-Lin has a toy similar to that too and it keeps him entertained for some time. Looks like Matthew worked up an appetite playing so hard. Kristie