Thursday, October 30, 2008

a little bedtime story for you

Tonight M had his first BIG spill...falling face first onto the tile...bloody, bloody, bloody nose.

We are excited for Fall Festival tomorrow at our church! M is going as a MONKEY! But...he already outgrew his costume!!! Not kidding. I bought it awhile back since I was unsure how often we'd need to travel to IL, and I didn't want to miss out on getting it...and now it is too small. Today we made treat bags for the kids on our street, and we're going to deliver them tomorrow. Will post photos!

WINNER!!! I won a free photography class with Christi at Rawsii!!! I think there are still spots open if you are interested! I am really excited. My goal is to get good enough to take unique, quality photographs for families who cannot afford to have their pictures taken by a professional. A guy we know serves in an amazing ministry in which he moved into a rough neighborhood and brought the love of Christ to the people living there. It's been a total transformation! These are some of the people I would like to pray that Christi can teach me to focus in manual!!!!

edited2add: Here is a site I checked out last night and wanted to share since I am always looking for new ways to give away your money! HAHA! I loved all the causes, but I was especially diggin' this video: ... I just wanted to give all those people a BIG HUG!


stefanie said...

i love when he like FREAKS out at the water.
oh i love him
and you
and scott
that's all

Andrea said...

looks like you have a little actor on your hands!

I am sorry about the bloody nose. Rachel feel 2 years ago and hit our tile floor and broke off half of one of her teeth....I thought I was going to faint.

I know that your going to be blessed by the classes that you are taking and so are all of the families that you will have strikin' a pose.

Sounds like fun.


Shannon said...

Ahhh....bloody fall and I hadn't even posted what the dr told us at the ER!! Well glad he is okay - but here are some signs she told us about:
- loss of consciousness
- vomiting
- blood
- clumsiness/walking off balance
- acting out of character (which she says our situation did fall into since griffin was crying more and longer than he typically does - so this is a tricky one)
hmmm..those were the main ones i remember.

good luck with your photography idea - sounds great and i think you are well on your way to being good enough!

Lynn said...

I agree with Andrea, little actor indeed! So cute!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

That is the most prescious video :) I LOVE it! He reminds me of Noah! How old is M?

So sorry to hear about his booboo after the fall :( poor guy and poor mama! I am sure that was scary.

Good luck on getting the lessons!!! WOW! I dont have a fancy enough camera for the lessons to do any good. Your ministry sounds amazing! There was a time when Celeste was little walmart pics were not an option. And even though their package is cheap they take all those "EXTRA" shots that are required and it tears you up to leave them behind. :(
Anyway, good luck!

Noah's mama

dan and rachel said...

what a cute story! tish, you're so good! i've never thought of telling the story that way to my kids. so fun for them, and what a great way to help them understand!!!!!

dan and rachel said...

ps your ministry sounds amazing!!! you are such a good photographer and what an awesome way to bless people and share the love of jesus!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

I can't wait to see what the photo class does for you...I think you have a talent for it!!
I love his tub, btw...that's a happy bath spot!

Tami said...

I've visited you blog over the past week, and each time I start to write a comment, I seem to be interrupted;-)....let's see if I can make it through this post!

First, you're such a creative mom....what a way to teach your child about Jesus....I'm so impressed!

Sorry to hear about M's nose...I hope kisses make it all better soon!

Thanks for asking about John.....his extended time away from home has ended until February...he'll be gone for another week then. We're expecting about 2 overnights a month in his territory, and we're pretty used to that, so no biggie.

Thank you so much for your compliments on my photography....all my pictures are taken in the automatic I have to say, It's all the camera! As for the indoor shots, I try whenever possible to not use the flash.

Oh,a and as for Cheetos, the extra crispy/crunchy are the best!!!! I have a similar fondness for tootsie rolls....I found my engagement ring in a bag of
them;-). Both boys adore them as well....they were the first candy to go from the Halloween stash!

Whew, I guess I made it through this time;-) Love ya!

Beverly said...

That is wonderful!! What a nice way to remember that Jesus says, "Be Still."

Kerry said...

So sorry to hear that M bonked his nose. :(. Holly just did the same thing a couple weeks ago, so M is in good company. Sounds like the zoo was fun!