Monday, October 20, 2008


home now...missing my sister. the boys are both asleep, and i've grown used to chatting til the wee hours of the morning.

smooch was somewhere in between M and scruffy in the "cooperative modeling" department. for every smile she gave me, she threw in at least two crazy faces. i'm saving those for future blackmail opps.


stefanie said...

booooo post the one of me making the funny face & not that first one, its horrible!

Tish said...

ok...i took off the first one...hope you are happy!!!

dan and rachel said...

glad you made it back safety and got in some good girl talk while you were there. :)

Tracy said...

so glad you had a safe trip.

Check out my blog for some new pictures.

Andrea said...

Glad you are home!
I think Smooch's pictures are always great...even the goofy face ones.


Lisa said...

Great pictures and glad you are back home safe & sound. I know you have a special and cherished relationship with your sister ...very beautiful.
Lisa c.

stefanie said...

thank you.

love you.


Tami said...

Nice pics! 'Smooch'....what an endearing nickname...I love it!!

Rebecca said...

I love Smooch!!!!