Sunday, October 26, 2008

too. much. fun!

here are some pics of our lovely day! i love the ones of scott jumping over one of the photos, M turns and runs at the last minute. his face is so funny!

just trying to upload larger photos...for some reason i can't get the slideshow larger...testing...1, 2, 3...

UPdate:I posted earlier that M seems to know the difference between boys and girls. This morning he and Scott were looking at a book that had articles of clothing, one of which was a dress. We've never brought it up before, but today I asked M if boys wear dresses. He shook his head no. Then I asked if girls wear dresses. He nodded. I thought he might have just guessed, so I started asking about different Daddy, Mama, Kit, etc...each time questioning if he/she wears a dress. He got it right every time!

edited2add: Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down! Yes, Scott can fly without even really trying. And while it wasn't one of the characteristics that led me to accept his marriage proposal, I must say that his vertical has come in mighty handy at times for this girl of small stature.


Stefanie said...

Okay, not only is Matthew amazing with his ability to be so incredibly cognizant of the world around him, but your big dude has got some serious jumping skills :)
LOVE this pic, Tish!

Anonymous said...

I know he's quiet and doesn't say much (because you've mentioned it) but obviously the lights are on and someone is home! He is a smart boy! Go Matthew!

Andrea said...

How did you know I was thinking about you this morning?!
Love the pictures and the updates on the little man.
Scot is insane....Stinkier,huh?
The big picture is great. You should get that 'guy' to put it on a canvas for you.
That is one Matthew will want when Scot is old and can't jump anymore. :)

Tami said...

Awesome picture!!!!! I bet M was giggling galore after that:-)

The Family K. said...

Love the ginormous jumping picture. Great timing with the camera!

dan and rachel said...

love the pics! scott's got a pretty impressive vertical! wow! thanks for sharing! :)

Lisa said...

Holy moly...Scott looks like he's 10 feet off the ground!! Wow! LOVE the running away shot too...but oh gosh, the photo of M & Daddy both mowing stole my heart this time!
So cute and so sweet!!
Lisa C.

stefanie said...

scott has some amazing ups!

Rebecca said...

These are great!!!! And yeah, echoing what everyone else is saying... Scott can seriously jump high. For a white guy. LOL.

Love, love, love the pic of M close-up... right in the middle of the Scott-jumping pics. Also love the ones of him through the colorful toy!! COOLNESS!

Hey, I can help you get your slideshow bigger. When you click "slideshow" and say "share this", click on "customize this html". You'll see several sizes. For your post area you can do the large size (700px wide). Choose that size and hit "reload", then go down underneath and grab that code. Hope that helps!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture! LOVE it!

M is a sharp little guy!

kris said...

LOVE THEM ALL!!! wow... seriously, these are so good!!

Shannon said...

That is a great shot! Tish, you are talented. I know I've said it before, but it is so true!!

Tish said...

thanks, guys, for the nice comments...that shot of scott jumping was pure luck that it turned out even halfway focused!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

You're so modest. Pure luck!!!! Embrace your awesomeness, girlfriend!!!! Heehee.

Jenna said...

Tish....those pictures are great!!!! I can't get over how high Scott can jump!! Did he miss his calling in the NBA or what?

My favorite picture is the close-up of Matthew that is kind of a profile. He just looks angelic!