Saturday, October 25, 2008

friday's fun & UPdate

photos from playing with balloons in the morning and playing at church in the afternoon:

(if you'd like to see the slideshow in full screen, first click the play arrow then click the square with 4 arrows on the bottom right of the box)


M is finally getting some teeth!!! The best part about this will be no longer having to watch him swallow string cheese without chewing....yuck!

Since M understands the differences between boys and girls, I thought I try to see if he could get "he" and "she." Last night as we read I would ask questions like, "Does he have a ball?" or "Does she have a hat?" when there were pictures of both boys and girls on the page...and he always answered correctly.

If you ask what word starts with D, he will say Daddy...and M he will say Mama and (sometimes) also point to himself. He often remembers what words look like and can point them out when you ask.

M enjoys playing pretend, and he seems to have a great sense of humor. Not that he giggles at everything but that he "gets it" and laughs when you make a joke.

I asked Scott if he wanted to add to this update, and he said, "He's stinkier than two months ago."


Rebecca said...

Tish - you got some beautiful shots!!! Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed them - in full screen. :) I wish you could've joined up on the mamarazzi blog... you do such a beautiful job... plus we need more Asian BOYS on there! LOL!!

Loved the update, too. Hooray on the teeth!!! That Matthew... he is soooooo smart. I am tellin' you! He knows Daddy starts with D already??? Amazing. Enroll him in a really good preschool EARLY. He will thrive!

Scott cracks me up. :) You can tell him I said that.

I love you... you CHILL girl you!


The Family K. said...

I'm always amazed by the brain God put in that boy of yours. So smart!

Shannon said...

Tish, Great captures. He is just absolutely adorable! I'm w/Rebecca. I wish you could get in with the mamarazzi blog too! You are talented. I hope you had a great weekend!

Jenna said...

You've got one smart cookie on your hands!!! That's amazing, and he's super cute too! :)

kari said...

great pics tish- especially love the one of your nicely painted toes :)
can we borrow M for a few days, S could really use some inspiration!! xxxx

dan and rachel said...

cute pics. and look at you with the tat, you wild girl you! i'll have to be sure to show dan. :)

Jon and Em said...

cute pictures, as always. is matthew feeling better?