Thursday, October 23, 2008

To China for Owen Fundraiser

Rebecca and family are having a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY to raise travel funds to bring home their precious Owen! This giveaway should really be called a FUN-raiser because the prizes are just oozing with fabulousness! No money is required to enter the drawing...but after you see Owen's sweet face, you are going to just hand over your credit card. He is THAT cute.

Check out all the details at the official fiesta site!

P.S. Don't Owen (photo at left sidebar) and M look like they could be brothers?


Rebecca said...


Can I just say - Owen's picture being up there next to all of M's... they REALLY DO LOOK LIKE BROTHERS!!!! Look at that!! Amazing.

These little dudes (and their mamas) need to meet someday. :)


Yvonne Crawford said...

hey - in response to your comment - I haven't done that for Lachlan either and the way I see it, he can do it when he's 21 years old. :-) hahahahhaha!!!! We have the COC and the readoption paperwork with name change - so I think that is where this mama stops.

Jenna said...

I never noticed that, but YOU'RE RIGHT!!! That's funny!