Thursday, October 16, 2008

off again

I'm headed back to IL early tomorrow morning. Just a short trip because Matthew is staying home with Daddy. This will be my first time away from M for anything longer than a few hours. Feels strange. But I am confident that Scott will do a far superior job of mothering than I do, and I know that M will thoroughly enjoy having Daddy all to himself.

Here's the possible trip much as I tried to avoid it, I have to fly through Chicago. As in O'HARE.

Insert scary music here. Or a shrill scream. Then maybe some more scary music.

I only have 40 mins between my flights on the way there. Of course coming back I have 2+ hours. Can't they just add the layover times together and divide by 2 to make it less likely that I miss my connecting flight? With it being such a short trip, I don't want to miss any possible moments with my mom.

Here's a photo from our walk this morning...which looking at reminds me that I need to cut M's hair before I leave.

Blessings to you all!


Rebecca said...

Blessings to you, my friend!!

I will be praying for you, for this special "alone time" with your mom! For sweetness of fellowship, for encouragement, for His very presence with you!

Be safe, and we'll be praying for Scott too. Haha.


Lynn said...

Have a safe trip sister friend. I'll be thinking of you and your mom.

love ya,

Yvonne Crawford said...

Take a look at Lachlan's hair, Matthew looks great!

Have safe trip! Thinking of you.

Yvonne Crawford said...

P.s. I left you a comment about his sleep on the other post - it's a comment that is so unlike me - tough love. ha! But moms need sleep!!!! (and dad's too).

kari said...

i'm glad that you're heading back to be with your mom. i know that S and M will be just fine and the reunion when you get home will be sweet.
we'll be praying for all.......
love you!

Tami said...

Enjoy the uninterrupted time with your dear mom. Will be thinking of you all! God bless.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Praying for you, my friend. My God wash you and your mom in His beautiful grace.

Lisa said...

Safe travels. I'm sure the men in your life will have a ball and be so thrilled to see you when you return home!
Enjoy this special time with your Mom!
Lisa C.

Just Us said...

Safe trip to you Tish..and hope you catch your connecting flight. OHare is wild beyond belief and huge..hopefully your connecting flight isn't on the other side of that underground tunnel..urrggh. Praying for your mom and for you too! Hugs.

Andrea said...

Take a good book and a copy of BODY & SOUL magazine for the plane & airports.
I think the guys will have a great time watching T.V. in their underwear and burping the ABC'S.
Tell Scot no videos,PLEASE!
OK... maybe the burping thing!
I pray for you a sweet snuggly visit with your mom.
Smooch Miss Smooch for us.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Your little guy reminds me of Noah! He does not exactly look like Noah but something about looking at him he resembles him maybe! Anyway, have a nice trip and I pray you do well bein away from your little guy :( sorry you have to leave him.

hugs to you mama

Noah's Mama