Thursday, October 23, 2008

thursday morning stuff

When I walked into M's room this morning I was greeted with, "WHOA, Mamama!"

- - - - -

While we brush M's teeth daily, I think it's time to step up the dental care routine. He was climbing over me this morning when suddenly my hair burst into flames (which is actually OK with me since I have now grown weary of my new short tresses). I questioned, "Could that REALLY be his breath that rivals the stench of a city garbage dump?"

So I decided to investigate...without being obvious, of course. No sense in making him paranoid about his hygiene before the age of 2. So, as he proceeded to use me as a StairMaster, I tried to smell his breath. The research took longer than expected because he kept trying to bite my nose.

Finally, the verdict was baby needs some breath mints!

Anyone ever try to crush Altoids into your baby's morning milk?

- - - - -

If I am ever going to learn to photograph people in manual, I seriously need to hire a model. Scott and M are just not willing to make the sacrifice to help me achieve my personal goals. Selfish, huh? So...I'm taking applications. Interested parties must be willing and able to sit still for long periods of time while I try to focus...

- - - - -

M was in time out for throwing my lens cap across the room because I wouldn't let him put it on the camera. The light is blinding, but his face is funny!


Lisa said...

Oh, time outs are so necessary, but just no fun! He's even cute crying!! :)
Hey, not sure about the baby, but I do remember when Lauren had that it meant some kind of post nasal drip at night.....not sure if this bit of news tells you much, but when our doc shared that, it was a light bulb moment for me! :) I'm a first time Mama too....a few more years under my belt, but still....
Yay! Its almost Friday!
Lisa C.

Jon and Em said...

did you just notice this or has it always been kind of stinky? is he showing any other signs of sickness by chance? the reason i ask is b/c sometimes bad breath can indicate infection. kate (who never has bad breath) about knocked me over last week...a couple days later, we were at the dr's and found out it was strep! first time for that at our house. at least next time i'll know, i guess. poor little matthew is going to be sucking on altoids!

Tish said...

ooooh...such good comments! thanks! that is why i LOVE's like having webMD but without having to hit a search button and read through a bunch of boring stuff.

Rebecca said...

Oh I love his time-out faces. :) Poor little guy! We laugh at his expense!!!

I concur with the previous commenter's (PC's??). Horrible breath could mean he's coming down with something yucky.

Give him some vit. C and echinacea instead of the Altoids!!! :)