Sunday, October 19, 2008


since my boys aren't here to photograph, i had to snap pics of my family's dog...she was a much more patient and cooperative model than M...though I'm sure it had something to do with the treats in my hand


Stefanie said...

How cute is Scruffy!?! What a cutie!! We have a scruffy of our own, only she was very MIS-named: Velvet. Thanks to Tori who was all but 7 at the time we got her. Great pics, Tish!!

dan and rachel said...

great pics, tish! wanna come to SA and do our family Christmas pics? we have a great guestroom! ;)

Lynn said...

What a cute pupper! Great pics too!

Andrea said...

and she is very clean.....our dogs are NEVER that clean.
OK..If you go and take Rachel's pictures you have to post them!:)


Lisa said...

What a cutie! What a whimsical model for your pics!
I hope your visit is going along nicely! Safe travels home too!
Lisa c.

Rebecca said...

Hey, he's cute!!! I like the 2nd one - cool shot. :)

Maybe you should hold treats in your hand to tempt M while you take his picture!!!

Staci said...

Cute doggie!! Great pics.

stefanie said...

aww scruffers is popular!

i mean she is the best dog ever. . . <3 you & miss you already.