Monday, September 8, 2008

who needs vegetables...

when TJ's has DYNAMO? And not just Dynamo, but Dynamo plus calcium? Chock full of everything your body needs and your mouth can't pronounce.
I did some painting this weekend. I figured if Stefanie...with her brand new house, 8 kids, and weekly trips ot Iowa for casting...could get her whole house painted in an afternoon, I really have no excuses.

So the piano room and Matthew's bathroom are now finished! I think I could move more quickly if I wouldn't paint the ENTIRE room with a 1 1/2 " brush. But the truth is I enjoy trimming...I was born a trimmer...Scott calls it a sickness, but I call it love. No blue tape, no drop cloth, just me and my 1 1/2"-er just trimming away.

I've posted a photo of my color palette so you Hue Queens can have a good laugh at the fact that I'm not exactly rockin' the color wheel! I like to refer to myself as "monochromatic mama."


Andrea said...

I LOVE Greys and Splash my room with deep reds and earthy greens.
One of my favorite combos .
It will look great! I may need to hire you to come and paint mine! :)


Lynn said...

I hate to paint! LOL, I do love the monochromatic look! That juice looks delish!!

dan and rachel said...

boy, tish, i have to laugh at your tactics to avoid vegetable eating! :) oh, from your last post -- i recommend "simple suppers". it's a moosewood cookbook. if you're not into tofu, you could substitute chicken. my husband is not so into tofu. he had the brilliant idea of checking cookbooks out from the library first to give them a test drive. love it.

Tami said...

Love the colors....hey, you are what you are...a ROCKIN momochromatic mama! It was a big step for me to pick the 'daring, cutting edge' blue for my dining room, so I can relate:-).

Barbie said...

The colors look very soothing. Hey, where are the pictures of the actual rooms??? Would love to see them.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Got check out this juice. We shope at TJ's but have never seen this.

Painting? You go girl!

Rebecca said...

I love the palette!! Just throw in some punchy color with accessories. You are smart to go neutral for your walls. Otherwise you'll get sick of the color. Trust me, I know. :)

I am totally going to try that juice!!!


Stefanie said...

I am WITH you on the veggie thing! and the trimming? LOVE it! Just me and my 1/2" Purdy trim brush, it's seen WAY too many miles ;)
Great news on getting some painting done... where are the before and after pics? :)