Friday, September 19, 2008


So grateful for Friday! M had a baaaad night last night and has already melted down today. I'll never understand how missing sleep can make you not able to sleep. Kind of Twilight Zone-ish if you ask me.

Decided it was time to try shooting manual. Not even working with the settings yet because I can't even get focusing right! I'm the most unfocusy person ever. So some shots are below...I didn't worry about settings, composition, or lighting...just trying to FOCUS, Tish, FOCUS. And all the while singing "O come, O come manual!"

The following italicized statement was listed as the Quote of the Week on another adoption blog. It made me really sad. “Or, you know, maybe someone needs to remind Sarah Palin that Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

I'll be posting some long overdue book reviews later....slacker that I am. Hope you are having a SUPER Friday! Let me know if you have any cool weekend plans so I can copy you...slacker that I am!

For some odd bloggy reason, today's post keeps posting under yesterday's post...which, when your post is titled TGIF, it doesn't make good sense to have it show up on THURSDAY. So here is yesterday's post that kept clawing it's way to the top of the screen:

M's Prediction: Some mornings M and I walk to the elementary school, watch the kids get off the bus, and then talk about school things. This afternoon we were outside watering the flowers and, while I'm not sure how this topic came up, I asked him, "Bubs, what do you think Mama is going to do all day when you go to school?" He replied, "AAH, AAH!" I questioned, "You think I'm going to cry all day?" He looked me in the eye and confidently nodded "yes!"


kari said...

here's a cool weekend plan for you- clean out the garage! wahoo!!


Tracy said...

weekend plans: If my sister can babysit for me, I am doing a deep cleaning of my basement! Hey, I have a cool weekend plan for you...come to Illinois and babysit for me.

Andrea said...

OK! Matthew is like a 30 year old in this tiny little body!
I love the crying thing. That's great.
I'm telling you ...if you will just let me come get that kid!
He sounds like he is just hilarious& he could teach Mary & Rachel to wear do-rags.
We could be his "Summer Camp" know..except its fall...but you get what I mean.:)

We are going to be bums this weekend and lay around and watch Classic Movies like 'The Quiet Man' and 'Seven Brides 4 Seven Brothers'.
just call me "Miss Excitement".


dan and rachel said...

tish, you can change the post date by clicking on "post options" and manually changing the time/date. didn't you have another post, which was just the part about M crying??? or am i losing my mind??? i commented that you are raising an emotionally intelligent child, but i don't see my comment. oh well... :)
happy friday!

Just Us said...

Sorry M had a rough night!!! Uggghhh.

Cute thursday post...can he teach Yu-Lin how to say "yes"?

Jon and Em said...

My Bunco group from our subdivision back in Peoria are roadtrippin' up to Chicago this weekend to spend the night. We've never actually played Bunco...just a good excuse to get together to laugh all night long! No kids...just adults. Gotta remember to do that every now & then! Back to cooking &, fun!

Tish said...

Man...everybody is doing something really cool this weekend except me!

Karen said...

Catching up on laundry and cleaning up the backyard after hurricane Ike.

Thank you for leaving the kind message on my blog :-)

The Robison Family said...

Okay Tish, I am coming out of Lurkerville... We cleaned up our neighbors yards after Hurricane Ike this weekend. I also have been taking care of my eldest who had a very serious reaction to poison ivy.I also cleaned our master closet to prepare for our HS. There now, I bet your weekend was more fun than that! Your little guy is adorable and I have enjoyed following your story!

Rebecca said...

We went to a state park yesterday, then hit the beach & some milkshakes today!! It's the last day of summer, we had to celebrate!!!! :)

I loved the pics. :) I saw that quote on the adoption blog... which shall remain nameless... and had to leave quickly before I left a comment I would regret!! Ugh!

You gonna try and get in on the online class?? I guess tons of people are interested and Christi is only allowing 10. So she said she's going to announce open registration sometime in Oct., and the first 10 to sign up are in! Stefanie L. is going to try and get in... you HAVE to too!!! We will all jump on her site and get in at once! Deal?? ;)

Love ya! Oh, and you are ANYTHING BUT a slacker!! Come ON! You are the coolest mama ever!

kris said...

Sorry to hear M had a rough night a few nights ago- hope the weekend was good.

I'm away in Minnesota with friends, having the best time ever :O) Have to blog about this wonderful weekend when I get back. It feels incredible to be in the north again, I am remembering so much from my childhood. It's different from the NE but similar in so many ways. Soft grass, changing leaves, cooler air, amazing architecture, groovy homes of every shape and size, basements, little towns, and Minneapolis is a hidden diamond of a city- wait until you see the night shots I did. This place is GORGEOUS!

I don't remember what camera you have, but try AV mode for shooting- it chooses your aperture for you (so you don't have to adjust for lighthing, saving you time on adjustments) and then do auto focus. It's my favorite mode to use when lighting is decent. And if lighting is low, just bump your ISO up to 400 or more to compensate. Keep plugging away!

The Robison Family said...

I just 'had' to go look up that 'other' blog...So, one google search later.. My heart sank too. A very worked-up, angry-type feel on a couple of those posts....

Have a great Republican-type Day (Whatever that is-ha ha) : )