Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new kicks

M got some new kicks for fall. Wasn't planning on getting them for awhile since his feet have been growing like crazy, but he will need closed-toe shoes for our trip to IL. Got 2 pair...used a gift card that we've had for over a year...HOORAY!

edited2add: Anyone else have a kid who can't play alone? Get fingerpaints! Not. You would think...you would imagine that fingerpaints would do the trick. Not so. Instead of painting on his own, M shouts repeatedly from his chair "oval, oval!" because he wants to draw ovals on his paper. I give in, telling him that I will help him draw one oval and then it will be his turn to do it....then as I walk away he starts shouting letters of the alphabet for now he wants to write letters on his paper. Alright...time to find a new trick.


The Robison Family said...

adorable shoes! I love photos when we can catch those two little bottom teeth like you did. He has a beautiful smile!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Man, those are some super, stylin' kicks. Where can I get me some?!

Lynn said...

So stinkin' cute!!

Rebecca said...

Love the shoes!! I just bought Grant 2 pairs too... that picture I did of his "bottom half" shows off his new kicks!! :)

Your pictures look better and better all the time. Are those all in manual? They are fab!

Funny on the fingerpainting. This little guy just wants to hang out with mama every second doesn't he!!!


dan and rachel said...

cool kicks! we call 'em kicks, too, sometimes jude will say, "mama, i can't find my other kick." kick -- singular. cracks me up.

YES -- i did have a child who could never play alone. JUDE. but now that he has a sibling, they play together and i can use my time doing really important things like blog surfing! hee hee

Lisa said...

Ohhh..those kickers are sweet! :)
Lauren was always entertained with a small bucket/tub of soapy water( I used baby shampoo ) with a few floaty toys, play dishes to wash/rinse, etc. On the floor with a towel its not too messy. In the winter I filled it with clean snow! Course it still requires an eagle eye nearby, but sometimes I could wash dishes myself OR (gasp) even read a short article!
Worth a try!
Lisa C.

Just Us said...

What cool kicks he has!! Love them..and oh so stylin. He is one smart cookie with his oval and letters!!! When are you going to IL?

Kimi said...

Love the new kicks....I just got Max a brown pair just like M's.

Your pictures are FAB!


Jenna said...

I'm loving your pictures.....I'm going to have to start trying this MANUAL thing.

stefanie said...

okkk so when you come to play in T-minus 5 days. . . i want that picture of matthew on this slide show thats just him and hes facing the camera directly please? love.

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Ahhhh..a man after my husband's heart. He would approve of those kicks!