Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book Reviews

I was fortunate to receive 2 complimentary books, Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds and The Art of Listening Prayer, from the Red Letters Campaign.

Red Letters by Tom Davis is a fast moving book that highlights the the growing issues of HIV/AIDS and poverty in our world. You may remember two previous posts in which I quoted from this book. Davis puts names and faces on the staggering numbers of those affected and calls the church on the carpet for our lack of action to help those in need. I think this Amazon review really encapsulates the purpose of Red Letters: The call isn't so much to social action as it is to be such a genuine and radical follower and lover of Jesus that you cannot help but be transformed into his likeness...and in turn, see his likeness in those around you.

Seth Barnes' The Art of Listening Prayer requires more time and thought. Basically, Barnes' premise is that God wants to speak to us, but we rarely listen. If you are not a good listener, reading this book will highlight that weakness...and that is excatly why you need it! The Art of Listening Prayer challenges, encourages, and helps you to make listening an important part of your communication with God.

P.S. If you'd like to read how God's light is shining in the darkest of places, read Barnes' post "The price of innocence in Viet Nam in $1.25."


On a separate but related note, I purchased the book Hope Lives by Amber Van Schooneveld because it was recommended by Rebecca. When I first started reading this book I wondered, "How in the world did Amber get into my head" because so much of what she said was reflected in my blog posts at the time: not hoarding our resources, luxuries vs. necessities, etc. Amber doesn't just present daunting facts and compelling stories, she also provides encouragement and resources for her readers to take action.


Matthew's recommendation:

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Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing those book selections and insights. I will be anxious to read them and am always looking for new books/topics!

Andrea said...


hey... get him Electric Company & Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,too.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You go, girl! Ya did it! Good reviews.

I am thrilled that you read Hope Lives. Have I mentioned that I LOVED it? It was so simple, but powerful. I am with you, I felt like I could have written it because it just spoke my heart.

Thanks for the shout out!

Rebecca said...

I am going to buy that Hope Lives book. Thanks for the recommendations!!!

Love the recommendation from M, too. He and I have a lot in common. We both love Bert, scribbling, berry picking, cool hats, and YOU. :)