Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Random, unrelated, unimportant thoughts guaranteed to increase my bloggy fanbase by 110% and leave the current readers wanting for more! Just jokes! Anyway...

What are the odds that TWICE in one day M's finger can be jammed so far up my nose that it causes a bleed?

I gave M a Baby MumMum and said, "Here's your surfboard!" He looked at the MumMum, put it on the floor, and stepped on it as if he were trying to surf!

Why we are not homeschool worthy: Scott and M were looking at puzzle letters, and Scott was naming words for each letter. When Scott said, "P...paleontologist" I smugly thought "wow...great word!" The next letter, however, showed our true colors when Scott said, "N...none-ya-bizness!"

I'm not a competitive person...I just want everyone to win. I'm not even really competitive with myself...except when it comes to spell-checking! I just noticed the "ABC" icon at the top of this page and assume it is a spell checker. I refuse to use it....for some reason I just have to try to spell things on my own. I guess it's a competition between me and the English language. Anyone else odd like that?

Not sure what this video is all about because something is wrong with my sound...but I thought it had two blog-worthy qualities: drool flying and Scott dancing.


Just Us said...

Hey Tish...our Taiwan boys must have the same dance moves b/c Yu-Lin loves to stop his feet. Loved the drool flying, but Scott's great dance moves rock!

Lynn said...


Yvonne Crawford said...

That is hilarious!!!

Rebecca said...

KILLER moves there, Scott!!! I also admire your word skills... if we ever get the families together, you can be my partner at Scrabble. :)

I love M's little fancy footwork there at the end. That is the cutest!

I never noticed the spell-checker!!!