Wednesday, September 17, 2008

giddy up...and stuff

God's grace to SAHMs? Being able to go to the State Fair on a Monday morning when everyone else is at school or work! No lines, no overcrowded exhibits...just steaming hot corndogs, friendly animals who haven't been over-petted (is that a word?), and the smell of roasting green chile wafting through the air.

Fair photos:

The next photos are of the following:
- A delicious picnic we had after M and I read a book about picnics,
- M deciding he needed to wear some pink fuzzy slipper-socks of mine,
- M pretending to be a doctor, and
- M's new "school book"...I bought this workbook on a whim and M loves it. He can actually follow the directions correctly but sometimes he just wants to scribble all over the pages...which, of course, is way fun!

I've been listening to some messages on Christ-centered marriages by Francis and Lisa Chan. If you're interested, click HERE, go to the sermon list, then choose "Christ-centered Relationships" part 1, 2, or 3. As always, be discerning as you listen and place anything you question against Scripture itself. I say this about every book you read or message you hear, not just for these sermons in particular. And...if you'd like to listen and discuss...I'd be happy to join you!


Jenna said...

You know....I don't think I've ever seen grass in the pictures you've taken. I have this picture of you living in the middle of the desert. I was all surprised to see grass! :)

I almost bought Francis Chan's new(?) book, Crazy Love, today at the bookstore. I am trying to encourage our Life Group to read it. It looks really great- have you read it? It seems to speak very much to what I've been learning myself through Scripture over the last year or more.

I downloaded the podcasts of those messages, and I'm going to start listening to them tomorrow! Scot too. I'd love to chat about what you think. You know me..... I love a good discussion!! :) But, gosh, I'd love to go out for coffee to TALK about it. Wouldn't that be nice??

Andrea said...

Love the pictures! Take Matthew over to the blog so that he can see the pics of the horses I took yesterday.
A WORBOOK? He is SOOOOO smart! He's probably already applied & been accepted into Harvard Law, he just hasn't told you yet.:)



Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

So much to comment on...

1. The fair all to yourself? How cool!

2. Your state fair looks a lot hipper and high class than our state fairs.

3. Over-petted animals truly are less fun. :-)

4. Love the fuzzy socks. Gotta get me some of those rockin' socks.

5. Love the photos of M over his workbook.

6. Workbook? What are you super mom? The fair, picnics and workbooks???!! Impressive!

7. Thanks for reminding me about the Chan. I must order a book, and I'll check out the links.

8. You're cool.

9. :-)

Kerry said...

If M is already following directions in workbooks, what is the poor boy to do when he turns 4 or 5?! Really, I am amazed at all he knows and does; how fun to be able to teach him so many new things.

I had high hopes of taking Holly to her first fair and it just didn't work out this year. There is always next year, I suppose!

Kimi said...

Oh my goodness...your precious boy is getting so big...they grow up way to fast! Love the photo!


kari said...

i love that the workbook says for ages 4-6, Go Matthew!

Tami said...

I just love Fairs....everybody gets to be a kid! BTW, as if you didn't know it yet, you have one smart boy on your hands!

Rebecca said...

I love the picture of M watching the dancers. :) Also, kissing all his patients... awwwwww! Sweet boy doctor!!

I thought the photo of him crying on the pony was hilarious. Only because my kids all did the same thing when they were little. Ponies... they are terrifying creatures!! :)

Love you!