Saturday, September 13, 2008

M is for Make-My-Day

Last night 'long about sundown there was a standoff in Kitchen City.

Outlaw M was in town, and he was more furious than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. He was stirrin' up trouble wherever his feet would take him but no more so than at the city table. You see, Sheriff Daddy and Deputy Mama had laid down the law, but Outlaw M is no law-mindin' man when it comes to mixed vegetables.

Outlaw M used every trick in the book, but the Sheriff and Deputy stood their ground. As darkness overtook the night sky, M waved the white flag of surrender. After spending the night in the county crib, Outlaw M was released this mornin' on a 5 kisses bail.

Actually, M has been throwin' some fierce tantrums lately; however, only when he is with me. Kind of a Jekyll/Hyde thing. So I must say that, as much as I hated to see him so upset, I was glad that Scott was finally able to see what I have been trying to describe! Not that Scott didn't believe me...but I think he will now have a better understanding on those days when he walks in the door and I collapse at his feet.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Stuff About M:
- He likes shopping with coupons! I give him the coupon, and he finds the right product.

- He is now trying to say more words, including Jesus and Bubs (what we call him).

- He is getting really good at knowing boys vs girls and right vs left.

- He can find the row we're parked in if you tell him the number to look for on the sign.

- He gets a BIG kick out of this...when he is sitting on the floor, he tries to lean back all the way til he is laying on the ground.

- When he sees Asian people, he will point to himself...but I was amazed when we looked at Yvonne's blog and he saw the drawings in her header, realized they were Asian, and began pointing to himself. Here is her header:

So not only am I monochromatic on my walls...I bought fresh flowers because we have a house guest....and look at what color they are!


Rebecca said...

Deputy Mama you are hysterical!!! That is one cute little outlaw... and I am glad he is out on bail, at least until he stirs up some more trouble in Kitchen City. :)

Do you guys have any Asian friends? Especially guys? I am just wondering... since M is noticing his ethnicity.


Tish said...

no, unfortunately we don't have asian friends...which is something i would like...but how do you say "hey, can i become your friend?"

we talk about it, though, as we go through his taiwan photo book or see asian people in books/stores/etc.

Ashley L. Howard said...

Wanted to come over and say hi since you left a comment on my blog. Your little guy is so cute. I'll have to come over and read up, but I've procrastinated most of the weekend and should get to studying.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

M is one of the cutest outlaws I have ever seen! Sounds like Kitchen City was a rough place to rumble through last night.

William's Family said...

I'm constantly amazed by your little genius. I hope you're saving up enough to send him to Harvard.

BTW - I take my hat off to your writing skills. That was a well-done post!

Yvonne Crawford said...

Your post was really interesting! I laughed about your little outlaw story so cute. You are a great writer!

So cute that he knew the people on my header were Asian. What a smarty! I tell you Callum barely notices the differences in people...

kari said...

still laughing out loud... so funny. my favorite post to date! missing that sweet little face- let's play soon......

Kerry said...

Your post should say "1st Time Mama Becomes Author" because you always create such a visual picture for your readers. That was a funny story.

Love the flower pics, too! Beautiful, as all your pictures are.

I ditto William's family's suggestion of saving up for Harvard...M floors me with all the stuff he knows!

Just Us said...

I was cracking up reading about Outlaw M and Deputy Mamma! Too funny. You really should consider being a professional writer! I hear you on the tantrums. Yu-Lin throws them all the time that is crazy and frustrating to experience.

By the way, M is so darn smart on what he comprehends and puts together. You are doing such a beautiful job with him.