Saturday, September 27, 2008

loving them off the streets

You may remember previous posts about the World Race ...well, the racers are back at it, and I'm hooked.

Racer Kim Daniels posted that "a generation is asleep. They are breathing. But few are dreaming. And even fewer are moving. Their eyes are closed, and they don't know themselves in an awaken state. They don't know who they are, or who they aren't."

While Kim was most likely speaking of her own generation (the young ones!), I would say that statement aptly describes my generation (the not-so-young ones!). Oh, how we have been lulled into deep slumber by our comfortable, secure, and controlled lives.

Of the World Race experience, Kim states that the racers are "...dropped into a community, forced to get outside of themselves, to serve something other than their own agenda, pride, or fear, and after 11 months, they have rubbed off the sleep from their eyes and are beginning to ask the tough questions. The ones that matter. They are saved of the things that defined them before, and for once, they see life through eyes that believe they can actually change the world."

Here are some vids from the World Race GATO (Going After the One) Team as they describe ministering to women in Thailand. God is SO big...and He is working through girls He loves to save the lives of girls He loves. Don't know about you, but I don't want my inability to "go" to be an excuse for continued slumber. The alarm is sounding; I want to rise and live.

G.A.T.O. - Thailand from Kim on Vimeo.

The Well from Kim on Vimeo.


Rebecca said...

Oh Tish. This just breaks your heart in two... like you, I've been pleading with God to keep me shaken up, undone, unraveled, and broken. It is the best place to be, because that is where Jesus is. It's a strange prayer, but I often pray, "Lord, may I NEVER be comfortable!"

Go listen to Steve Camp's song "Asleep In The Light".


Tami said...

This is so sad. We do live such a comfortable, sheltered life here, in so many ways. So many truly trivial things keep our minds and life occupied, disconnected from the need that's out there and the difference each of us can make buy living outside ourselves. I've never seen this show but would definitely like to follow it. Thanks for the eye opener, Tish!

Hauswife said...

Wow, tish, wow. This is so challenging. What a heartbreaker.