Friday, September 26, 2008

i scream, you scream...part 2

yeah, that's right. better throw your body down and twist a little just in case you didn't get your point across. funny thing was that as soon as i asked if he wanted to watch himself on the video, he completely & immediately stopped crying.

M's been spending some quality time in the "slammer" lately. he has a penchant for throwing things when he is, beans, magnets, anything he can get his hands on. here are some shots of him in isolation:


Rebecca said...

Oh, dear, M got a time out today did he??? From the looks of your kitchen floor, a WELL DESERVED time out. What a good mama you are to make him pick up his own peas!!!

He does look repentant in the last 2 photos, albeit BEGRUDGINGLY repentant. That face!!! :)

Love the pics... manual?? (You know I have to ask every time. Ha!)

P.S. Keep in mind, when I gave you my settings from the couch photos... I forgot to tell you that my house is REALLY DARK. It's like a cave, really. You might be ok with a higher shutter speed for yours because your house looks a lot brighter than mine!

Rebecca said...

Oh and the "injustice" photo had me CRACKING UP. He looks like he is pleading with the powers that be to release him from this cruel prison!! Haha!

kari said...

but i must say he looks pretty cute.

Tami said...

LOL.....I know this wasn't funny for M, but you sure started off my morning with a good belly laugh....The 'injustice' one cracked me up...priceless!

Have a great weekend!

dan and rachel said...

that is really funny! thanks for the laugh, tish!

Lisa said...

Oh my, but he does have a determined look to him! :)
Its tough to be the heavy sometimes, but looks like you handled it beautifully. And he is still adorable even when he's being a wee bit naughty! ;)
Love the captions under your pics.!
Lisa C.
Happy Saturday and thanks for the smile!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

I often wonder how QQ will manifest when she starts really pushing it with us. Right now, she's still very happy and amenable. she hasn't learned to object when we take something away from her. Still too close to the orphanage, I think...she doesn't yet know that she can demand things. But she is definitely a little spitfire and makes her preferences known. If I make her a bottle of food that she's not down with, she will throw it across the room with one swift curl of her pitching arm. No cries, no further protests - just one quick gesture...and done! Point made.

Sherry said...

Nice! LOL! I know thats how I react when Matt tells me no. Hahaha! So have you entered the bit stage yet? Hehehe!

Thanks for sharing! (I'm laughing & thats probably not right:P )

Lynn said...

Whew, that boy can get mad! LOL

Hauswife said...

Oh, how he will thank you some day! What a sugar face he has, even in rebellion!