Sunday, September 21, 2008

is it already sunday night????

well, as you see, i still haven't posted my book reviews yet. but they are coming. soon. to a theater near you. or a blog near you.

this weekend...we planted trees, picked berries, and some other stuff that i can't remember right now. my heart is heavy for my mom, and it is difficult to be so far away. as soon as we get M's next doctor's appt out of the way, we are headed back to see her! she begins more radiation soon, so please pray for her.

M put two words together today. when i forgot to put the straw in his sippy cup he told scott, "uh-oh dada." oh, and scott and M watched this old sesame street video on youtube where grover sings about around, over, under, through, far, and near. not anything i would have thought to teach M right now, but he totally got it and loves to practice it!

oh...speaking of scott...last night i walked into the kitchen after scott did the dinner dishes, and the garbage can was OVERFLOWING. i told him that i was going to take a picture of it so that when M gets big and shoves garbage in like that, i can remind scott that he did it, too. scott looked at it and laughed and then started to move toward the can. i said "no, let me take a photo first!" scott replied, "i wasn't going to take it out!" and he DIDN'T!!! dirty rotten! and to top it off, today (yes, today as in the garbage was still in a huge heap on top of the can TODAY) i found my candy bar wrapper dangling in the debris. double dirty rotten! he deserved my candy though...he hauled a gazillion bags of lawnscape junk, 2 heavy trees, and some pampas grass...AND he stayed with M in kids' ministry so i could attend service. yes, M still SOBS the ENTIRE time at church, so we are slowly weaning him off us so the volunteers don't all quit. are photos. the ones w/ red bridge are from last week when i was practicing in manual. the berry picking is from today but in auto because i didn't want to miss good shots. OH, and i stuck in a photo of M from LAST YEAR'S berry picking so you can see how much he has grown!


Stefanie said...

I feel the same way every Sunday night... I just need another day added to the weekend :)
Love the pics, Tish! My faves are the ones of his little hands holding the berries. As usual, he's so cute I just want to gobble him up!

Tami said...

Praying for your must be so hard being apart, especially now.

Looks like you had a good weekend with lots of fresh air! We did the apple thing up this way...I love picking any type of fresh fruit...yum!

Sending hugs!

dan and rachel said...

my husband does that with the trash, too! and i'm normally the one to take it out. good thing he has so many other good points... ;-)

dan and rachel said...

ps i am so sorry about your mom's illness. we will pray for peace, strength and healing during this difficult time.

Staci said...

Cute pictures! So sorry about your mom, I will say a prayer for her.

Lisa said...

Trash...the bane of every guys' existance ( I think anyways...); it was wonderful to see you had stopped by our blog and your comments were so sweet...thank you!
M is just so darn cute and clever; he must keep you in stitches all day long!
You are all in my prayers and I know you must bring your Mom such comfort.
Lisa C.

Tracy said...

Keep me posted about your mom. Let me know if you think she would be up for a visit from us sometime. I know she is probably really tired, but I would love to see her sometime. I understand if she would rather us not, but let me know.

Hauswife said...

1. Cracking up. My husband is a trash heaper, too. Bad, bad boys!
2. Love all the photos. He is so photogenic it's crazy!
3. You have a candy bandit, too! ACK!
4. Sorry about the Sunday school crying. That's a toughie. What are you trying to help solve that issue? Poor guy. Poor you!


Anonymous said...


your boy is BEAUTIFUL!! So cute!

Rebecca said...

Great pictures Tish!! Oh he is SOOOOO cute! I just want to grab him through the screen and squeeze him!!! :) Loved the pic of him holding the berry containers... beautiful colors... love the red bridge ones too!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH HE HAS GROWN!!

I laughed and laughed about your garbage can story. :) I wonder how much these guys would try to stuff into a can before it literally BURST into little bits of plastic!!!???? Know what I mean?

I have been praying for your mama every day, just like I promised. My heart feels heavy for her too. I have to believe that is the Holy Spirit placing a burden there to pray for her healing.


PS Yes that first picture... I took the saturation ALL the way down but checked that little box, "preserve skin tones". Also brought exposure down 1 notch and highlights up 2 notches. :) I really like that effect too!