Sunday, September 28, 2008

sunday night stuff

I'm chuckling a little. Actually, I'm laughing kinda hard. But quietly since everyone is asleep...except these dang gnats. Does anyone else have a gnat problem?

Or maybe I should say gnat pandemic.

Seriously. I know I overexaggerate a lot. But not this time. It's crazy. There is pretty much a gnat flying around my head at all times. I can't tell if it is the same gnat that follows me through the house, or if they do a tiny tag team high five and switch off as I move from room to room. All I know is that they are everywhere....Scott's tea, M's yogurt, and my lips if I wear too much chapsticky stuff.

Anyway, this is not a post about gnats. Well, at least not anymore.

The reason I am laughing (quietly) is my FEEDJIT has been showing a large number of visitors coming from google hits where the subject searched for was "Gap kids contest." And in my mind I picture these parents...drooling at the thought of their Baby Adorable being named "Little Gapster '08"...and looking online for tips on submitting that winning photo (you know, THE photo)...but then...they land...on this post. Hope they didn't leave disappointed!

Hey if you...WAIT, a gnat just flew onto the keyboard...ok...if you would like to share at what age you moved your child from a crib to a bed (and whether it was the worst or best decision of your adult life) please leave the juicy details in the comment section.

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Stefanie said...

That's hilarious. I checked out that post and Matthew sure looked like a Gap baby to me :)

Kimi said...

LOL...Tish you crack me up!

Love the photos of Matthew. I need to get my camera out and get to snapping.

Hope you have a marvelous week!

Jenna said...

Yeah, I'm definitely thinking Matthew would qualify as the Gap kid- except for that bad habit he has of hating the camera and not wanting to smile for you!!

As for the big kid bed, we waited till Sawyer was just over three years old. Yeah, you heard me correctly, he was 3!!! But, I think it was one of the wisest things we've ever done. We had not one issue with him getting out of bed when he wasn't supposed to. He was old enough to know to stay put. Several of my friends either moved their kids because Baby #2 was on the way or because they just thought it was time, and they had a heck of a time. At least three of them ended up putting the crib back up after a few days of frustration and no sleep.

So, Chloe is almost 3 and she is still in a crib. We won't take her out till sometime after her 3rd birthday. With any luck, it will be just as easy of a transition. So, my personal opinion is to wait until as late as you can. If Matthew is climbing out of his crib, get a crib tent and try that first before the big boy bed.

Rebecca said...

Fun pics!! IMO Matthew should have won the Baby Gap contest, but... maybe I'm partial. :) I like the sheep pic.

I moved the kiddos directly from cribs to twins, except for Claire (we didn't have a twin for her until later). They were all around 3 when we made the switch, and did fine. We put gates on the sides of their beds, of course, for a little while until they quit rolling around so much.

So funny about the gnats. Are you sure they are not fruit flies? Do you keep fruit out on your counter? We get fruit flies BAD at the end of every summer. They are EVERYWHERE. Then they just disappear. But while they're around, I have to keep my fruit in ziplocs. Oh, and setting a glass of wine out is great. They will buzz around, land in it and DROWN!

Anonymous said...

Down here in Florida we have (what we affectionately refer to as) "No-see-ums." They’re so small you can barely see'em but MAN they're annoying.

The rule of thumb for transferring from a bed to crib is that it's usually time to make the switch once your child is potty training. That, or when they fall out of their crib. Whichever comes first? ::Thud::

Tish said...

ok....sounds like it is best to wait to switch M...but seems really uncomfortable in his crib because he's a crazy sleeper. the other night i went in to check on him, and both legs up to his knees were hanging out between thebars (he somehow had pushed down the bumper with his feet)....but i definitely don't wnat to move on this too early!

Lisa said...

Fun pics. ( so cute! ) and funny post! (Gap!) Guess we might be the exception as we reluctantly moved Lauren into a big girl toddler bed at just over 2 ( and yeah, she was potty trained, but I had not put it the two thoughts together). I LOVED the crib and thought she did too....that is until one bright and early morn ( 4 a.m.'sh, I'm thinkin') she toddled in with an impish grin, and an expression of, "hello world!"! We heard no 'thud', but it scared us silly! Funny thing is, once we converted her cribby, she pronounced it her " big girl nest" and always stayed put such was her glee! So, that probably doesn't help, but it was our experience!
Hope it helps!
Lisa C.
P.S. Not sure about the little man( when he comes home! )....gonna keep that crib up for as long as I can! :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! You were my first commenter from "outside!" So exciting! :0)

I do not have children and therefore usually hold my tongue when I get the urge to give "parenting advice" but I do have a lot of Early Childhood education and experience. I (co)own a childcare center with my mother and work for an agency dealing with abused, abandoned and neglected children.

kari said...

ok, we moved the girls into big beds around 18-20 months, just when they started crawling out of their cribs. it was a smooth transition for all- seth might be a different story.

i'm so impressed with all the photos- it was nice to see you in there as well. LOVed the God is love shot!

Tami said...

Thanks for the chuckle....and the great pictures as usual! Love the one of the two of you on the swing.

We moved Nathan into a twin bed with a saftey rail at 18 decision ever!!!! He never liked staying in his crib to play. When ever he was awake he wanted OUT. All his sleeping problems disappeard by his 2nd night....I. kid. you. not!! He got out of bed the first night, only once, and came into our room.....I took him back to his bed and told him it wasn't time to get up until the sun came up. It was clear sailing from there;-)! Nathan has always been 'aware' beyond his years, if that makes any sense. I honestly believe even though one of us would go to him when he cried in his crib, even from an early age he knew HE couldn't get to us. Once he was in his bed and found he could get to me on his own....that's all he needed. Call me crazy, but I'm stickin to it!

Owen....I can't remember exactly when, but we didn't have sleep issues with him. We learned that 5 minute wait thing on our second child;-). O liked his crib, so there wasn't a need to move him into a bed other than him getting physically too big for it.

Good luck!

Cari said...

my first two moved into big kid beds at two. They both did great. I'm waiting till the third one is older. Not sure when.


Hauswife said...

Haha, you funny lady! Yeah, not diggin' the gnats these days. YUCK! I hate finding that they were in my wine glass the hard way. UGH!

We put Evangeline in a big bed right around her 2nd bday and it was a great decision for the most part. The only bad thing is the occasional painting-the-room-with-Boudreaux-Butt-Paste experience. Not fun.

Dianne said...

We moved both girls out of their cribs at about 2 1/2, the oldest did great with it, the second not so great. I couldn't keep her in bed for anything. Now with Jon, as long as he is not trying to crawl out, he is staying in his crib at least until he is 3 or 3 1/2.

Yvonne Crawford said...

great pics. He's just a doll!

J+Di Di said...

I tought those were winning shots!! Didn't M win the contest? :)~