Wednesday, September 24, 2008

better than *bucks

Makin' coffee:


dan and rachel said...

too cute! my kids "help" me with the coffee grinder. they push the button and pat the bottom so it all comes out. i heart coffee!

Barbie said...

That is cute!! Just the way I like my coffee... with added stuff. :-)

Kimi said...

I think Starbucks should hire Matthew for an advertisement. I bet sales would soar!!



Rebecca said...

That is adorable, Tish!!!

He is getting so big... I can hardly believe how much he's changed in the last few months.

I will have to post some video soon. I haven't done that in awhile, and they are so fun to watch!

Beverly said...

That is sweet and haven't we all been there with the fit pitching?

Hauswife said...

Kimi's right! You should send that in to Starbucks! He'd make a pretty cute spokesman... :)