Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Would you like a little toxin with your toy?

With all the crazy recalls and questions concerning the safety of toys made in China (love their babies, not their toxic toys), I visited some web sites to research alternative sources for buying toys. As expected, prices are quite a bit higher, but these companies seem to be committed to selling safe items for children.

http://www.moolka.com/ - has a "top 20 holiday gifts" section

http://www.willowtreetoys.com/ - has neat advent spirals, as well as toys

http://www.northstartoys.com/ - located here in NM!

http://www.oompa.com/ - has cool furniture by offi and notneutral, as well as toys


Rebecca said...

Some of my favorite non-toxic toys are made by Haba. Check them out.


Yvonne Crawford said...

What a great post - as we've been hit by so many recalls lately - especially Thomas. And how do you tell your 4 year old that James and his friends are sick. It was a very sad day at our house. So thanks for the links and for Rebecca's too.


Ann said...

Those are great site. I love how some of those toys are pretty simple and will require some imagination from the kid. And I find that that's what kind of toys most kids like.

Sherry said...

How nice to post those sites! Let me reach down & take this "Made in China" block out of Kobi's mouth & order him something that wont give him lead poisoning. LOL!

(I shouldnt even joke about that... Im gonna go straight to H___ now!)