Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advice for PAPs (that's pre-adoptive parents, not your yearly trip to the gyno)

Wondering what to do as you wait for that elusive "It's time to travel" phone call? WEIGHT TRAINING! If you are a 1st time mama, I highly recommend that you begin some specific weight training exercises to prepare your body for the shock of suddenly carrying around an extra 20 lbs day and night. Listed below are the exercises I recommend:

- The bag o' flour dead lift: A wise mama I know suggested buying a carrier early and then carrying around a 20lb bag of flour while you shop or do housework. I would also say that as you are holding the bag o' flour, you do some deep knee bends for building leg strength.

- The wrists of steel: The most painful thing for me was (and still is) the strain that picking up Matthew caused on my wrists...picking him up from his crib, from the floor, from his highchair, etc. Get some small free weights and hold them so that your thumbs are towards the ceiling. Then lift away using only your wrists. I think you should try doing about 3000 per day as I don't think you could ever do enough to prepare your wrists for the strain that will come.

- The flexi-toes: Begin now throwing things on the floor and picking them up with your toes. Practice with everything from a pacifier to a fuzzy blanket. I would suggest even carrying the bag o' flour while you do the "flexi-toes" in order to get the full effect.

- The crib crunch: Stand for hours by the side of the baby's crib with your back hunched and your neck crooked to the side. This is endurance training.

Happy Exercising!

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stefanie said...

hahaha tish, knowing you as i do, and myself who in-herited some of your quirks, i find it hard to believe that you would have to do any sort of training in the department of picking things up with your feet! cause i know you did that regularly prior to matthew, he just happened to put it to good use! :)

Andy & Rebecca said...

LOL! Very cute post, and made me laugh because I could relate to every single thing you said!!! Who needs the gym membership??? This is weight training at its finest. (And what cuter personal trainers could we ask for... might I add.) :)