Tuesday, November 6, 2007

World changing decisions

I am so excited to start decorating for Christmas this year. I'm not usually a big decorator for holidays because first, if you put it up you have to take it down (LAZY!) and second, if you buy it you have to store it (LAZIER!). Maybe it is just the thought of sharing Christmas with Matthew that makes it exciting this year.

I started thinking about Christmas stockings. Scott & I need new stockings so I thought that I would get the 3 of us similar ones...but then I began wondering "What about any future kids we have? What if I can't find the same style by the time they are with us? Then they might feel bad and always sing "One of these things is not like the other." So I consulted with my BBFF (Best Blog Friend Forever) Rebecca (http://www.untilwemeetintaiwan.blogspot.com) because she has a whole tribe and always knows how to handle important decisions.

Anyway, our conversation evntually led to how, in a year when you are adopting, you can expect to have a "pauper's Christmas" due to the adoption costs. That is when I decided that, instead of typical Christmas stockings, we would simply hang 3 of Matthew's socks on the mantel...and you only get what the sock can hold! This seems to be the wisest budgetary decision; if we have additional children it will be easy to get more socks like them...and, besides, his socks are cute!

Our Thanks-for-the-Day
Seeing how much your husband loves your son.


Andy & Rebecca said...

LOL!!!! I burst out laughing when I saw that picture Tish!! That is so cute AND funny!! In your honor (and to save money, haha), I am going to hang 6 of Grant's socks above my fireplace this Christmas. :) I will send you a pic when they're up!! Hee hee.

Love ya BBFF -

Tiffany said...

I love the paupers christmas comment - how true huh?
this post is priceless...LOL.