Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Friday

Our Thanks-for-the-Day
After a baby is up in the night from 2:22 - 4:50am, again at 5:45am, again at 7:00am, and again at 7:45am, a mama can be thankful that only two sets of trick-or-treaters came to the house leaving a whole bag of candy for breakfast! And lunch.


Sherry said...

Oh my! That deserves more then just 1 bag! LOL!

*And I do think for ever $ Matt spent on the car should be spent on my shoes. LOL!

Sherry said...

I also wanted to say you always leave the funniest comments on Kobi's blog:) Do you have an email address I could send you private emails to? I get so many funny jokes from my father-in-law that I'd love to send some your way. You could read them between morning/ afternoon naps:)

Andy & Rebecca said...

You should definitely get the award for Mama-With-Best-Sense-Of-Humor. A night like that would leave me feeling pretty darn grouchy. :) Did you manage to catch up at all??