Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photos - Day after Thanksgiving

This is the awesome Costco chocolate cake...had it for breakfast after hitting a few stores.
Snow! The snow made it an great day to stay indoors and start decorating for Christmas! I was able to enjoy the snow only because I knew that today it would be melted away...and we'd have sunny skies! I tried to get Matthew to eat some snow off a yucca brach, but he wasn't too crazy about it.
I decided to make some ornaments using clear balls and metallic there are drip-drying.

The precious one all bundled up. He really enjoyed the day: the trees with lights, the snow, the fireplace, the Christmas was a great day!
I made a good salad for Thanksgiving...if you like that kind of thing (I don't like to waste precious stomach room with green leafy things). It was baby spinach, Bosc pears, feta cheese, pinon, and a vinaigrette. I think it would be great with chicken added, too. Trader Joe's is supposed to have a pear champagne vinaigrette, but I couldn't find just used raspberry.


jen said...

I think Matthew must be getting cuter every day! He and Andy are in a close race for biggest cheeks!


Yvonne Crawford said...

Those ornaments look cool!! and can I have a piece of that yummy lookin' cake?


Rebecca said...

Cool ornaments Tish!! You are so crafty...

We've been playing Christmas music around here nonstop too. Nothing better than Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and Frank Sinatra crooning carols!!!

We had some snow too, Thanksgiving day/night. Grant was absolutely enthralled by it. He kept saying "NOO! NOOOO!" (Snow). LOL. He wouldn't touch it though... he just liked it from a distance. :)

The salad sounds yummy. I've never tried throwing pears in. Will have to whip that up sometime!!



Sherry said...

Yummy... that cake looks goooodd!! LOL! Those are some awesome looking ornaments you made there! Matthew's got one crafty mama:)