Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please pass me a tissue...

In our hotel in Taipei
On the way back to Taipei from picking up Matthew in Fengyuan
At home in his Ikea chair!

My eyes are all teary! Since the dictator is sleeping I thought I would take a moment to check my email and blog and, when I saw that 1st photo in the last post I thought "Gosh, Matthew sure looks big!" SO I looked at some photos from when we met him in Taiwan...and he has grown so much! BOO HOO baby is growing up!


Yvonne Crawford said...

He is a big boy, which made me think about your diaper question from before - Mia was a big baby and so even though she could fit in size 5s, I put her in 6s because she peed so much. And it was so much better (for awhile), then I had to switch to pampers (like I said in the other comment) because the gap in huggies is huge and she would pee all over herself when she was sitting down.

1 more thing I thought about - if he's having accidents at night - the huggies nighttime ones are good or just go up 1 size for night. I had to use the night time ones with Callum because he drank 16 ounces before bed, every night. Then...1 last thing, with boys, especially for night, make sure you put that diper very very high up to their belly button. Callum was like 2.5 before I figured out that.

Lots of info, but I never knew it and took years of trial and error hope it helps!!

And those pics of her are so gorgeous. Hold on to the moment - it seems the older they get the faster time goes...


Rebecca said...

Awwwww!! Such beautiful photos - and look at you, you're so pretty in that photo with Matthew sleeping on you!! :)

They do grow up SO fast. No matter how much you soak it in, it still goes fast. But each stage is truly wonderful. There is so much to look forward to as Matthew grows up. (Like the day he stops being a dictator and starts doing the dishes!!) LOL.