Friday, November 9, 2007

Breaking up is hard to do...

Enjoying the evening sun!

Our neighbors brought home llamas!!! This one is a baby! So exciting!

Matthew and I have decided that it is time to end our relationship with Genie. Diaper Genie, that is. We tried to give it a chance but, even from the beginning, this relationship stunk. We are just ready to move on with our lives. So, we bid farewell and say "Diaper Genie, you're outta here."

Craigslist ad: Diaper Genie for sale, $5.

I am going to put a new post on Matthew's site soon...hopefully this weekend....of all the new cool stuff he is doing. Nine months is a fun age!

Yesterday I got dressed while he took his morning nap. I put on a shirt he had never seen...that has a colorful print. It's the first shirt with a print I think he has seen me in. It's not exactly a shirt I love, but it was only $3.99 at the Gap. Anyway, when he woke up and saw my shirt, he was TOTALLY disgusted! He just stared me up and down with his forehead wrinkled and his mouth agape. Seriously! This went on for what seemed like a lifetime! I started getting self-conscious and finally asked, "What???? You don't like mama's shirt?" He looked me in the eyes, then proceeded to play with the buttons.

Our Thanks-for-the-Day
The love of family and friends!


Andy & Rebecca said...

Hahaha!!! I guess Matthew can tell already why the shirt was only $3.99!! Hee hee!! Grant did that to a pair of earrings I wore once. I was so proud of them because they were actually dangly and fancy, unlike what I normally wear, and he kept staring at them with this frown. I was so self-conscious I ended up taking them off!

I don't blame you for ditching the Genie. I've never met anyone who liked it!! Seriously!

Matthew looks so cute in the sunshine. :) Beautiful boy!

So, the llamas sound fun! Will they get along with the sheep??

stefanie said...

the llamas now means that you guys can be like napolean and tina.

<3 you

kikilee said...

i have to say that i too love your blog and think you are funny. i didn't like the diaper genie either and got rid of mine too.

on a more serious note i love reading your blogs because of your love of Christ and the beautiful insights you have. i would love to know you in person.


Ann said...

So you're saying we shouldn't get the diaper genie? Seriously I was looking forward to this gadget. :0)

I just want to say that I've been to your blog before, but just more recently have taken the time to read back. I am struck by your insight and faith and many of the things you have talked about really inspired me. I identify with so much of what you have said having dealt with infertility for so long. I too feel it's been a gift, not just for the child that will come into our family, but for the strength and courage it has given our marriage. Just wanted you to know that.

Andy & Rebecca said...

By the by, is that an Old Navy shirt in those pictures?? If so... I almost bought Grant one that looks just like that.

Yvonne Crawford said...

Can I say 'Matthew is soooo cute' in every post. Because that is the first thing I think everytime I see his picture...I'll try to be more creative next time, but for now 'Matthew is soooo cute!'.