Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Funny little things

One of Matthew's favorite things to do is open and close the little speak- easy door in our front door. He smiles the whole time! In these close-ups you can see his poor rashy face...ugh...and a crusty nose!

Having some morning fun...in the walker and chewing on a bib!

Last night while I was feeding Matthew his face turned beet red like he couldn't breathe...and then he let a big grunty yell. I wasn't sure if he was choking or just didn't like the meal....but it turned out he had just realized he could do that "trick"...and so he practiced it all through dinner. This morning I got it on video so I will try to upload it soon.

Whenever I happen to walk out of a room that Matthew and I are in, he will start crying and crawling after me. Last night I was putting his pajamas on him in his room and, as soon as i finished, he bolted for the door. When I realized he wasn't stopping, I started crying like he does...so he stopped, turned around to look at me, smiled a huge smile, then kept on going!

I am also trying to get him to crawl more rather than carrying him all over the house...so when we go from room to room, I will have him crawl after me. He hates it. Hates it! He will start crying, close his eyes, and crawl....which makes him look like he is in a "dizzy bat" race because he can't crawl straight with his eyes closed.

Our Thanks-for-the-Day
When daddy goes into work late and we get to spend the morning with him!


Ann said...

They learn so fast, don't they. It might have to do with those antenna thingys on his head.LOL. That's such a cute picture!!

Sherry said...

Poor rashy baby:( Just A&D him all over & he'll be as good as new. LOL! And mama... Why arent you carring that 30 lb baby Matthew everywhere?? LOL! LOL! (Im Joking!)

Rebecca said...

Well, rashy crusty face or no, he is beautiful in all his close-ups. :)

That's so funny that you made him think you were crying when he left the room. Haha!! I will have to try that on Grant.

Fun post!