Thursday, January 15, 2009

adios, ONE!

Oh, ONE, we are so over you. You and your baby ways. We're moving on to bigger and better number TWO. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! Two????? I hadn't given it much thought...until I ran across this photo:

Just look at that little baby! Baby. Not big boy. Not even little boy. Baby. Where did he go? Sadness depart, leave gladness in my heart.

So we're heading into the week stretch before M's birthday! Smooch is coming to town, so excitement is in the air! We've got a superstar guest list for the fiesta, including the M kids, Layne and Baby Mia, and an Elmo pinata (that's right, go ahead and beat the idol of your little heart with a big stick til hoards of sugared candies come crashing down on your head). Good times are a comin'!

M says goodbye to being one:Below are pics I took right before his first birthday. Soon we will retire his "1" shirt, and I will post his "2" photos!


dan and rachel said...

happy birthday, M!!!!! it's hard to see our babies grow up, but i gotta say, jude's turning 4 this month and i am *loving* it!!!! more great times to come and it gets soooo much easier!

Lisa said...

Happy 2nd birthday to adorable M!!
By golly it does go fast & yes that can leave ya a bit breathless and nostalgic too! BUT, each year brings its own wonderment and magic and I'm excited to see what adventures 2 brings you guys!!

PLEASE PLEASE do post pics. of the Elmo pinata...giggle...gotta see that! ;)

Happy weekend!
LOVE the one shirt and the pics!

Stefanie said...

Wow, what a big boy!!! I can't believe how much he's grown up since those pics on his "1" shirt...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matthew! Sounds like you're going to have one heck of a par-tay!!

Anonymous said...

AW! M is growing up...

Happy almost 2nd birthday!!

Kimi said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Oh Tish, they grow up all too fast. Each age is so enjoyable but so sad at the same time.

I would love to know where you get your 2 shirt, I would like to get a 3 for is so adorable but not near as adorable as sweet M!

Enjoy your day of celebration BIG boy!


Shannon said...

We're coming right behind you with G's second bday in early March. I have a hard time with each passing bday with the kids. And, I look at both him and A lately and they are looking like such big kids to me! I can't even imagine how big they'll look when we bring home baby Mallory. I still want my little babies! :) Hope you handle the big day okay with your new little man!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Happy 2nd, M! Man, it goes by fast, doesn't it. I am lovin' that one t-shirt! Bring on 2!

Jon and Em said...

The older they get, the faster time flies.
Anyone agree with me?
Happy Birthday, Matthew!!!

Tami said...

I agree with Jon and does seem like time moves faster as they get older!!!!

M, Enjoy your final days in the
'1' zone....

I love Pinatas....can I


Colleen said...

Whoo hooo moving on to two!!!! What a big boy!!!! I loved when my kids were in their two's.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!