Thursday, January 8, 2009

isn't she lovely...

isn't she wonderful?

I was blessed with the opportunity to welcome Baby A into the world early Wednesday morning! Since I left the room when Mama A was ready to push and was invited back moments later after Baby made her grand entrance, it was as close to childbirth as I will ever get! And without the epidural, thankyouverymuch!

She's a precious little peanut, and we're so glad she is here!

total off-track sidenote: I took M to a storytime at a library today. I envisioned in my mind what it might be like and was excited for a little interaction for our Mr. Antisocial. When we walked in the room...the dark eerie feeling came over me. In the corner, the storyleader danced...a very strange dance...which made M point at her and yell, "WHOA! WHOA!" She began to sing and read stories in a manner that would give Edgar Allen Poe the chills. M sat on my lap with his head pressed into my chest. I started doing the slanty-eyed look around the room. Was I the only one who was wiggin' out? I mean, this lady was FREAKY! Everyone else seemed mesmerized by her and I swear I started hearing the Twilight Zone music coming from the closet behind us. Is this some kind of Stepford Mamas thing, I wondered? And then...the lights came on, storytime was over, and the storyleader wheeled out a huge cart full of fun toys. Big sigh.

We're going back next week...they have slinkys.


Tami said...

How wonderful!!

I'm sure you were just a bit misty eyed looking through that lens:-)
(great pics as always!)


Stefanie said...

she's beautiful!

& that story teller does sound a bit creepy. . . it made me think of gypsies and how afraid of them i think mom said you were as a child.

but slinkys are always a good time & esp if matthew mingled with others. .

Lisa said...

Beautiful baby miracle!

Oh my gosh, my cousin recounted virtually the very same story time experience after moving to the SW!! They never went back! Her youngest still wakes in the night screaming.... :) Okay, well that last part was an exaggeration, but as I was reading your post, it was JUST like she also described! Too weird!!
Slinkys are cool though!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Congrats on getting to help welcome a baby into the world. How fun!

That sounds like one weird storytime. We are trying it for the first time soon as well. I'll keep ya' posted.

Shannon said...

Wow. And, Griffin thought it was a little scary when our library storytime lady dimmed the lights for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats - the baby looks absolutely precious! Enjoy her!!

The storyteller, hmm...interesting. I'm glad things turned out okay in the end and hearing that they had slinkies (slinkys?)makes me smile. Now, do they have stairs??

dan and rachel said...

i heart babies.

your story-time description cracked me up!

happy weekend!

Jenna said...

Great pictures! She IS lovely!!!

OK, we've never done storytime, but I have had that same SUPER-CREEPY experience with our local mall Santa! Yeah, it's awful. He's is the absolute creepiest guy EVER. He rubs the kids backs, calls them "baby" and "sweetie" and "honey" all while saying over and over, "I love you", "Santa loves you" (in a southern accent with is just STRANGE coming from a Santa in New England or maybe it is just that the guy is creepy so that seems creepy too). This is the third year in a row he's been there. I'm going to have to start driving to another mall farther away just to avoid him.

As for storytime, maybe you should try Kindermusik instead! :) I've never had problems with Kindermusik teachers being all weird!!! That storytime really does sound like something out of a movie- and not a happy movie!

Andrea said...

ISN'T it CRAZY how dimming the lights can scare a bunch of kids into submission???!!!!
I might have to try that here;)

PLEASE CALL THEM AND TELL THEM TO LET ME HAVE THAT BABY!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!they are young....they can have some more!.....Yeah, I don' think they'll go for it either...But I tried.;)


Heather said...

How sweet. I've heard (never witnessed nor experienced) that the birth of a baby is like no other expreience. So glad you were given the opportunity to witness that precious little baby into the world!

Jon and Em said...

whose baby? what an incredible experience!

Just Us said...

Oh my..that story time did sound really creepy...thankfully she had toys at the end, but wow!