Friday, January 30, 2009

b-day pics

Listening to the Birthday song:

Trying to blow:

Excited to see Elmo...not knowing that he will have to hit him! Charles kept making the pinata go up and down, so M stood there with a smile on his face saying, "up....down...up...down."
Listening to dad's instructions
The big hit...check out that sucker flying towards his face

Holding Elmo's hand afterwards...
Happy boy

A couple pics of little S. I was trying out the "eye enhancer" on they are a little "overdone." He is still as cute as can be!


Kimi said...

Beautiful photos of handsome M!


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, thank you for those! It was almost like being there celebrating right along with ya!

LOVE LOVE the shot of M holding hands with Elmo...soooo sweet! Such a precious beautiful boy!

AND you know I was hoping to see that pinata!! Yay! Not sure I could have hit him either! My face would have looked liked M's! lol

What a happy day!

Kerry said...

Happy birthday M!!! Looks like you all had a fantastic time. I can't believe all our babies are turning two.

dan and rachel said...

looks so fun!

Jon and Em said...

love the sucker shot! happy birthday, matthew!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

So cute! Looks like fun. Love that Elmos pinata.

Tami said...

Swing away M!!!!

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! I love the pictures you took! That poor Elmo never stood a chance. Hehe!

Jenna said...

The pictures are AWESOME!!! Really, really great. It looks like Matthew had a GREAT time!!!