Monday, January 12, 2009

m's first medal!

Today was M's last day at the gym, and they had a little awards ceremony! We have only been attending since mid-November due to all of our travel back to IL, but even in that short amount of time, I saw a huge improvement in M's confidence and gross motor skills. We have decided to try out a different, but similar, program run by a lady from our church. It is about $30+ LESS per month, so it is worth a try. I'm sure God has a good place for that extra $ to be used.

Yes, today my baby had a good day. A great day. Playing at gym. Getting a medal. Helping pick out fun items for his upcoming birthday party. A great day.

This is not true for all the babies in the world, but you know that.

In case today you are feeling a little too comfortable...a little too self-absorbed...too full of complaints rather than gratitude, I ask that you read this blog post. After you read it, feel free to weep...not only over Michael Angelo, but also over your own selfishness and complacency and ingratitude. But then don't forget to read the P.S. link...and then shout cheer and praises over what God can do through a willing and available life.


Stefanie said...

hahah i loved every minute of that & was just what i needed after the sobfest that came prior to it.

cant wait to see you guys!

Jon and Em said...

oh man...i should have done what stefanie matthew's cute video LAST. i hate even turning on the news. everything is so depressing. :(

Tish said...

actually stefanie's sobfest was from another blog:
which is an AMAZING testimony of God's grace in the midst of the pain of losing a child.

what i liked about the link i shared was the update showing how we can't let ourselves become paralyzed by the suffering and evil in the world...we must simply be obedient in our small part.

The Family K. said...

Whoa. Thanks for that wakeup call. I need a good slap in the face every now and then and I got one when I read that article. It convicted me that I need to lay myself open before God and continuously ask him where and how I can be of use.