Saturday, January 24, 2009

smooch in photo



Stefanie said...

Wow, girl!! Look at you go!! Awesome pics :) :)
You gonna post those assignment pics? Are any of those for the class???

Tish said..., not for the class...just for fun!

dan and rachel said...


i LOVE the second photo! it's so beautiful and artistic! my next favorites are the bottom two. absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Dude, those pics are inspiring! You're awesome!! And luckily, Smooch is a beautiful subject!

Where those the notorious Uggs? :o)

Jenna said...

Smooch is quite photogenic- and you did a great job with them! Wish we lived closer....I need some family pictures done! :)

kris said...


Jon and Em said...

What a cute sister you have. These are great pics. I wish you could take some of my kids. They love getting their pictures taken....well, sometimes:) Enjoy your time with your sis!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Hey girlie!! Looky here, I come back from China and you're puttin' on the ritz!!! Great photos of Smooch!! I'm going to take some pictures of my sister once the weather warms up a bit - we're definitely heading for the railroad tracks. :)

Nicole said...

Nice pictures-i have a new appreciation for photography as I'm taking my first photography class and completely blown away!
Too many numbers-F-stops . . . shutter speed . . . ISO's! OY!
How do you do it?!? :)

Andrea said...


My favorite is the 5th one from the Bott. I do not know her personally but THAT one is who I imagine she is.
Does that make sense to you , at all?????


Kimi said...

Smooch is adorable and your pictures are amazing...very creative...LOVE IT!