Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh, happy saturday!

On Friday we had a playdate with the adorable M kids. I was worried that M would be a crazy man when he saw the kids playing with his toys...but he did so well! He was even proactive in sharing, so I was relieved! When we were at the market buying some snacks for the playdate, he was all worked up about about the idea of having to share Elmo crackers, so I stopped the cart and asked, "Do you want me to pray for you?" He nodded. So next to the canned vegetables, we asked God to help M have a generous heart. This morning we were talking about the playdate, and I reminded M about our prayer in the store...and how God answered our prayer by helping him share. He nodded.

Here's a few photos of the three monkeys...M is laughing because my friend said "poop."

OK, if you can't sleep at night do I have a site for you! POLYVORE. It is like a virtual mall. You can put together outfits from the comfort of your own computer chair. They have so many cool, funky things...and yet, I STILL came up with a very plain jane outfit! I didn't even choose a purse! The super thing is that a wide variety of stores are represented...which means a wide variety of prices. I just picked what I liked and later realized that quite a few of my items were from very affordable KMart! So this is the outfit I would choose for dinner out with Scott (I think you can click for larger view): For anyone who knows furiture...I am looking for a couch like the one below for our family room. I actually really like this one, but it is a total only 2 feet high. So if you know where I can find a taller version, let me know. BTW, I like inexpensive!
FACEBOOK BACK! My friend, Kari, is a facebook member and the other night her husband took a picture of her hunched over her computer...he said she has "Facebook Back!" Quite funny...but leads me to ask what kind of exercise other mamas are getting. Do you workout regularly? If so, at home or gym? Does anyone know of a great workout program you can do, in say, 10 mins or less? haha!

I hope you all have a great weekend! It is sunny and warm here, and I have a photoshoot with a friend today!


The Family K. said...

Great idea to pray for things that seem as minor as sharing a toy (though in M's mind - and certainly in William's - Elmo is anything but minor).

Perhaps try Ikea or maybe West Elm for the sofa?

Anonymous said...

M = still too cute. TOO. CUTE!

The low-rider couch - the reason I dislike every item of furniture from IKEA is because they're all like 6 inches off the ground. Annoying!

kari said...

the pic of M laughing totally melts my heart- didn't realize one word could cause such a reaction!! love it! by the way, as i was reading your blog, caught myself with facebook back! sitting up straight now! also, thinking you should buy that cute outfilt, do you have any rest. gift cards to use????

Colleen said...

M is just adorable!!!! The picture of all the kids is precious..what a bunch of cuties.
Have you tried Ikea for the couch?
I think I have blogging back..I do pilates 2-3 days a week to help straighten my back out : )

Tami said...

You're an awesome mom Tish!!!!