Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday evening post

I've had a few people ask recently about Matthew's age...he will turn 2 this month. He is a tall drink of water, and I'll be interested to see where he is on the growth chart at his next dr.'s appt.

Here is a video of M counting:

I think it is so amazing how much babies absorb before they begin speaking. Just out of the blue, M will say words like "pineapple" or "sit down", and I'll be like "When did you learn that word???"

I asked what he wanted to have at his birthday party. He said, "hot tea."

He has come to the toddler stage where sharing is a dirty word. It's so bad that he doesn't even want Scott or me to share our stuff with anyone (except him, of course!). Since we read about Zaccheus in his Bible (but we say that Z didn't share because the whole tax collector thing is too hard to explain right now), I asked M if he was like Zaccheus, and he nodded yes!

We've been groovin' to Cory Asbury this weekend. M likes "So good to me."
We love checking out new bands, so feel free to recommend your favorites!

OK, I'm going to post this next part only because I have posted really odd things before only to have people say, "Me too!" here goes. Lately (as in months and months), my thoughts have been consumed with people who are in great need. Now I've had feelings of sympathy for others before...cried over suffering in the world...but, somehow, this seems different. It doesn't feel like normal sadness coming from a normal train of thought about the need of others. Out of the blue, these intense images invade my mind...and break my heart.

As I watch M "washing" the dishes at the kitchen sink, I'm broken over how much clean, fresh water we are pouring down the drain while others drink filthy, contaminated water.

As I type "Happy New Year" to a friend, I'm broken over those for who the new year means hope, no future, no joy.

As I water my plants, I'm broken over the fact that they are housed in pots that cost more than some people in the world make in a day.

Everywhere I look, I am bombarded by the reality of living in extreme wealth as compared to most of the world. My heart weighs heavy in my chest. This isn't simply an "oh-I-need-to-consume-less" thing. It's almost as if I have come to a point where I cannot turn back. But I am not even sure what I mean by that statement.

Scott is like, "OK...this is a recurring thing...what are you going to do about it?" but I honestly don't know. I'm not sure if God is preparing me for something...or just stripping me of worldly things...or filling me with His love for others. Just not sure.

So...anyone else got this goin' on?


Glen and Andrea said...

Yes I sooo do!! It is filling my thoughts everyday and I'm not sure what I am meant to do with it. I was also wondering if God was preparing me for an opportunity or if I am meant to make the opportunity. I've got ideas on what I can see myself doing - I'm just not sure how to get there.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I LOVED the video :) so sweet :) Noah loves Elmo too :) and boy how neat he can count and speak! Noah won't be two til April but I don't think we will be counting by then but you never know! M looks quite a bit bigger than Noah but Noah favors your M some :)

Noah's mama

J-momma said...

okay, one, my son says "hot tea" too. i guess i drink it more than i thought because he thinks anything in a mug is hot tea. so funny what they pick up on.

and yes, i have similar thoughts, but mostly about all the kids in foster care that are waiting for families to adopt them. something inside me just burns to fix it. to be able to help them. i wish i could do more. but i realized i can't change the world by fixing huge socio-economic problems that plague us, but i can change world in a big way but changing the life of even just one child. even it's just by being a mentor, big sister, friend, parent, or other.

but sometimes i get so sad about all the injustices. the weight sits so heavy on my shoulders. it's sad, but the only way i can get through it is by focusing on the small things i can do to make a difference. and to look out for opportunities to do bigger things. you never know what God will put in your path.

good post.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Girl, you know I SO get your feelings. I went to a 40th b-day party on Saturday night and everyone gave gag gifts. With every gift that was opened I couldn't help but imagining how much money was wasted when there is SO much need. I have been pretty consumed with this as well. I have decided to start taking action. We have been giving more. I need to start praying more for those in need. All (or most at least) gifts we give will be from charities (TinyRockstar, Compassion store, AHOPE store, etc.). I am also looking into a mission trip! All this said...I am SO with you my friend! Thanks for sharing your precious, tender heart.

dan and rachel said...

tish, that video is too cute! indi loves counting, too. i think she picked it up from jude! so cute! i love M's blown kiss. a rock star in the making.

i too can identify with your feelings. i am also in a place that i feel like i am being prepared for *something* -- i don't know what exactly yet. i can't wait to see what god has in store for you!

Beverly said...

He is adorable! 2 is a fun age.

Jenna said...

Um, a big way. But for me, it is manifesting itself in HEAT. I'm obsessed with heat and housing and food mostly. I eat, and all I can think of are the parents in the world who can't feed their kids. Walking outside in the cold I think of all the kids in the world who go to bed shivering to keep warm. I think of parents who have to choose between food and heat in the winter. I'm just obsessed with thinking of it all. And, like you, I'm not sure what it is all about....I mean, in a sense I know what it is all about, but I'm not sure what the next step is. Clearly, it has to go beyond thinking about it all constantly.

I'll pray with you that we listen well to the Lord about where He is leading in all this!

But, do you ever feel like you are just a part of something WAY bigger thn just you.....that He is collectively putting these sorts of things on the hearts of many Christians these days.....more so than I can recall in the past. I sometimes wonder if God is getting ready to do something really big through his children. Maybe we'll get to be a small part of that!

(Or maybe I've just been reading too much about the end times lately!) :)

Anonymous said...


You're so kind-hearted and others-focused that reading this about you doesn't surprise me.

I often become consumed and then frustrated about all the problems and issues that touch my heart that I feel powerless to change.

Working in my particular field, I often feel like I'm able to scratch the surface (at least) with regards to certain things, but in reality it never feels like enough.

My suggestion - DO SOMETHING. Anything. It will make you feel better, I'm sure.

Lisa said...

Another beautiful revelation about your kind, giving heart & nature!

Honestly after we spent two weeks at our daughters Babyhouse(orphanage) in Kaz. and I witnessed the crushing need both there & in her village( no indoor plumbing, electricity, etc. in most of the local cottages) something inside shifted in a fundamental way. How could it not? Heartbreaking....

I also think & I may be wrong, that the holidays bring these feelings closer to the surface. As we are lavished ( even modestly) with joys, gifts, blessings it calls to mind the great disparity.

I believe something is happening....reading everyone's comments is so uplifting. I too cannot wait to see what God has in store for you....for us all!
M is such a little man too!!
A big fan :)

Colleen said...

Your son is just adorable!!!! They are like little sponges when their toddlers : ) so fun!
I have thoughts all the time. Mine are more about the need to help. I know I am done adopting but I get these thoughts like I still need to help. Sometimes I feel like their is one more out there for me....I know crazy thoughts considering I have 6 children ; O

Andrea said...

I do this ADN i have figured out a way to prevent myself from being wasteful and having lots of things I don't need.
I told Stacy that I wanted to move to the Chianti Region of Tuscany.
It is hard to get internet there and most people do not even own cars. They ride bikes.
I figure it is the only way I will do better.
Even when I THINK i am just creeps back in and here we are in a house full of crap we don't need OR use.
This year we did not allow anyone to buy us OR our children gifts(except my Daddy-who acted like he forgot). We have everything we need so why should someone give us something just gor the sake of "giving". I told them that "Time " from them would be a better gift. I go through this alot,too. I think I would do better if I didn't have so many darn choices.
OK enough about me...
Matthew is the MAN!

and we love ELMO,too.